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Are You Dressing the Real You?

When you open your closet who do you see? Are the clothes hanging there a perfect representation of YOU or do they more closely resemble your best friend, daughter or the mannequin at the mall? When shopping, do you put something on and stare at your reflect feeling completely overwhelmed or perplexed?

Often what is missing is something we forget to consider when we get dressed and yet it is powerfully important. In this recent television interview I explain the concept of dressing for your personality with several examples:

When used regularly and effectively this tool can be life-changing. At first it can feel like a foreign concept, but once you nail the inner beauty words (this is something I do with each of my clients and in my workshops) and use them to assess the clothes you buy and wear you’ll be amazed like Stacey was:

“I love the way the my inner beauty words work….I didn’t really understand that in the beginning, but now that I really get it I see how important they are. When I am wearing things we picked out I carry myself better and radiate more confidence. Thank you!”

Recently, a private client emailed me some pictures of a dress she was considering buying. She wasn’t sure if it worked so she wanted my feedback. It fit her fine and the colors were good, but when I thought about who she is something felt off. I asked her if she felt the dress reflected her personality (using her personal inner beauty words I help each of my clients discover)—knowing full well it didn’t. She readily agreed…no, it did not look like her at all. She had gotten as far as making sure it fit well and felt comfortable, but she forgot to take it beyond that. If she had not checked in with me she would have purchased it. In all likelihood, it would then have sat unworn in her closet and she would have wondered why she didn’t like wearing it. Now she could leave it at the store and forget about it. Phew…wasted money experience averted!

I highly encourage you to do the exercise I describe in the video above to begin to see the power of dressing to reflect who you are! When you apply it, you will make fewer mistakes and will actually begin to enjoy getting dressed.

Therese describes it well:

“My special words are like a secret code that impart a vision, a clothing philosophy with attendant boundaries yet with wings to soar.  It has been an exciting and luxurious time and I’m looking forward to more.” 

What are two of the inner beauty words you have chosen for yourself?
________________________ and __________________________

To take the exercise one step further, look at what you are wearing right now. Is one or both of those words reflected in your outfit? If not, what can you do to add some (think color, accessories, perhaps changing a top under a sweater to add a print or pattern…)

Have fun with it. This is the foundation of an amazing wardrobe and it is worth cultivating!

If you love the idea of expressing your personality in your clothes but feel stuck implementing it, feel free to reach out to me to learn more about my private consulting or use my new online course (‘Dress to Impress Yourself! A DIY guide to a wardrobe YOU love’) which has an entire section (including a special video) on how to find and apply your inner beauty words.

Or if trying to figure this out on your own feels overwhelming, don’t worry. You can lean on me this season and I will help you find ease in the clothes that are right for you making all the variables come together beautifully.

To find out more about how to work privately with me, schedule an exploration call with me here: This is an opportunity to explore the possibilities without pressure and no obligation. Let’s see how to make this all easier and more efficient for you so you can feel wonderful in everything you wear!

Or learn more about my virtual ‘Styled by Ginger’ program.


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