Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

May 19, 2016

Many years ago I drove a station wagon. At the time, I was doing a lot of bridal makeup and I thought it would make it easier to load the car. I have to admit that I never loved that car for a number of reasons I won’t go into here, but a comment by a friend made me look forward to trading it in even more. She said, “Ginger, you have to keep the inside of your car very neat. It’s a reflection of who you are and what you do.” Wow…that really hit home and I was meticulous about it after that. When later I got an SUV (the one and only SUV I have ever owned), I made sure to get one of those covers so the back (with my shovel, yoga mat and reusable grocery bags) was not always in full view.

This made me realize two things:

  1. Little things make a difference
  2. Surrounding myself with beauty is important

Over the years I have come to realize that I love beauty and want to surround myself with things I think are beautiful. This does not have to mean that they are big or expensive, but I want to enjoy them. For instance, my breakfast bowl is a bowl that makes me happy every morning when I eat my oatmeal. And, the little dish on my dresser that I keep my rings in at night makes me smile.

These little things can provide endless opportunities to bring joy to your everyday life, and they are often things that we take for granted.

It is easy to overlook the basics so here is a little reminder of ordinary items that can make a big difference:

Add Joy on a Rainy Day

Have you ever put together an outfit you feel good wearing then realize it is pouring rain outside. You grab the nearest umbrella—and old beige one with tattered edges—and when you open it one of the spokes is broken. You sigh…you’ve been meaning to get a new umbrella for the past two months, but as soon as it stops raining you forget.

Here are some ideas for really pretty umbrellas to make you smile when the weather is dreary.

Why not choose a lovely print instead of a solid color:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Or this:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Maybe you prefer the outside to be solid but why not have a print on the inside like this:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

See many more ideas including dome umbrellas for extra protection, umbrellas made from recycled materials and umbrellas that can’t help but make you smile HERE.

Write Right

You are having lunch with a client and she asks to borrow your pen. You reach into your handbag and pull out an old ballpoint pen with a chewed end. Ooops! It’s the only one you have so you give it to her, but you wish you had thought to put a nicer one in your bag before you left the office.

This is an easy fix. There are so many great looking pens out there that finding one you like can take a mere matter of minutes.

Perhaps you want to go the basic route and get a box of simple pens like these:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Or, maybe you want something in a pretty color like this:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Finding a distinctive pen can also be a fun way to go:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Or, go for a classic, top of the line pen like a Mont Blanc:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Find many more ideas at a wide variety of designs and price points—even pens with Swarovski crystals—HERE.

What’s In Your Wallet?

It’s not so much what’s IN your wallet (although, of course, that is important), but your wallet itself that I want to talk about. How often do you take out your wallet to pay for something? Chances are good it is at least once a day. At that time, do you really see your wallet or has it become invisible…a means to an end?

For years, I had a wallet I loved. Every time I took it out of my handbag it made me smile…well, that is, until it made me sad to see it start to fall apart. After many years of use, it didn’t owe me anything and I vowed I would not get rid of it until I found something I loved just as much. That’s what I want for you. I mean, why not? Why not get a thrill out of opening your wallet each time you pay for something?

If you are in the market for a new wallet, here are some ideas (and you can view many more suggestions HERE at all price points).

Why not try something different? Believe it or not, this wallet is made out of stainless steal and nylon. I love the clean lines and distinctive style.

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Or perhaps a simple smaller wallet works for you. Get one in red and you will always find your wallet quickly in your handbag:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

If you like something with amazing craftsmanship, this wallet by Jill Milan is the epitome of simple elegance and comes in several color options:

Dress to Impress Yourself!

Or, perhaps you prefer something in a classic color, feminine style or a lovely print. You will see all those options and more HERE.

For those of you who subscribe to Feng Shui principles, I also found an interesting article about choosing the color of your wallet to inspire the best flow of money in and out of it. You can read it HERE.

The point of all of this is to enjoy those seemingly mundane items. Any one of the items above can last you for years so why not choose something that brings you joy on a daily basis.

All of the items pictured here (and in the catalogue) are vegan (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals). Please note that I am passionate about ending animal suffering and choosing cruelty-free clothing is just one aspect of a vegan lifestyle. If you have any questions about being vegan please let me know. I am happy to help and will answer any questions with kindness and compassion.

Some of the affiliate links may generate commissions for Total Image Consultants which helps support the time spent creating these very specific recommendations.

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