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How to Choose Jeans that Flatter Your Body

woman buying jeans

What was your experience like the last time you went jean shopping? Did you find what you wanted right away? If so, that’s fabulous! If not, did you have to try on what felt like a million pairs and every time, without exception, something felt wrong: the rise was too low or high, they gapped at the waist, they felt uncomfortable…you name it, it happened. That can feel very discouraging.

If the latter scenario sounds familiar, perhaps it is a consolation to know that you are not alone. Years ago, there were a handful of styles and brands of jeans available and that is what everyone wore. Today, the number of style options is mindboggling and so is the range of prices.

What I have learned about fashion, in general, is that when you feel unsure about how to limit the choices it makes it very difficult to narrow down which garments to try on—everything seems like a possibility. Ultimately this makes the decision harder and more time-consuming. But, when you have a few basic guidelines it reduces the number of options and makes the buying (and trying on) process less daunting.

Recently, I was invited to appear on the ‘Mass Appeal’ daily show in Springfield, Massachusetts and we talked about jeans. In 6 minutes I shared as much as I possibly could – you’ll see me reminding Ashley (the fabulous host) that we had to cover one more important decision before we ended—something super important when making a decision about the jeans you wear. Phew! They made the extra time for it and I talked fast!

You can see the segment here:

Mass Appeal Choosing the right pair of jeans for you

I would like to offer one visual follow-up on choosing pockets on your jeans.

Here is an example of back pockets that sit low—see how the bottom of the pocket comes below the curve of her butt. These look best on someone who has a full bottom because it minimizes the fullness (unless you don’t want to do that, of course!).

sexy woman buttocks in blue jeans on the blue

Whereas these pockets sit higher with the bottom of the pocket being above the curve of her butt. This will help to visually raise the focus. These are great on someone who has a flatter backside or one that might not be as firm as it used to be. I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing these pockets!

bottom of a young woman wearing blue jeans
Of course, the shape of those pocket is important as well. The diagonal lines and v-shape of the higher pockets add to the lifting effect whereas the horizontal line of the lower pocket makes it appear even lower (and wider) and keeps the eye there.

And, for more in-depth information about choosing jeans, please see a recent article I wrote called, “Top Tips for Buying Jeans You Love.

Feel free to share any tips you have found while shopping for jeans or favorite brands and have fun shopping!

And, please join me for more tips on how to create a wardrobe you love, especially in the hot weather by registering for my upcoming webinar on Monday, June 13th at noon (EST): “Forty Isn’t Frumpy: How to look your best when the heat is on!”


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  1. Thank you, Ginger, for your encouraging words. I no longer own one pair of jeans, but you’ve encouraged me to get out there and try again. One day shopping nothing but jeans (and a nice lunch out),

    You’re the best!
    A faithful fan,

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