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What are the Secrets of Enduring Style?

In two months I am turning 60. It totally blows my mind! I feel more like I am in my mid-thirties (my idea of the perfect age), not nearly twice that! While I feel great and I have lots of plans for the future, I completely identify with Linda Rodin, stylist and skin care maven, interviewed in the article below. She said,

“I never felt I looked old until I hit 60… but it’s hard sometimes in this youth fixated culture.”


Recently, I have been making a lot of videos, mostly for the online course I created. In watching the videos back the first thing I noticed in ALL of them was my neck. And, yes, I do know about Nora Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. That book mostly made me feel sad—I have done my best to forget it. While the skin on my face seems to have held up the best (I guess all those years of religiously doing my daily skin care and staying out of the sun paid off), my neck is a different story—even with a daily skin care routine. Out of the blue, or so it seems, it is saggy. I am not happy about it, but mostly I try to ignore it.

Sadly, that is not the only place that is getting crepey and saggy. I swear all this drooping and softening has happened in the past 2 years as I approach the monumental 60. It’s like a timer went off activating a sagging gene or something!

Then I came across this interview with Linda Rodin, heralded as ‘the most fashionable 60-something’ and I was captivated. I admit I felt a sympathetic jolt at this part of the interview, where the interviewer shared, “(Linda’s) low maintenance approach speaks of old-fashioned values, albeit in a strikingly modern package. Not that she’s immune to contemporary neuroses. When a Californian friend who hadn’t seen her in a while asked why she hadn’t had a face- lift, she had a wobble, albeit brief.” Oh, dear. Why do people feel they have the right to say things like that? So far, no one has said this to me outright, but I expect some are thinking it. Which makes me even more of a Linda Rodin fan. She wobbles momentarily and then goes about her business of looking and feeling fabulous. YES!

You can read the entire article HERE. Be sure to read all the way to the end where she shares her ‘10 Style Lessons.’ My favorites are #1, the first part of #10 and #3 is SO me—although my approach is different! This is by no means a complete list or even a list that is exactly perfect for everyone. It is one woman’s personal approach to getting older and it works for her and inspires others. Whether you are turning 60 or 40, 53 or 87, do you have favorites from her list or ones you would add? Looking fabulous is your birthright so do not ever give up no matter what anyone says or how frustrated you get!

I invite you to share your favorite style lessons in the comments below. We can all learn from and be inspired by each other.

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  1. Somebody once asked fashion doyenne Geraldine Stutz to define the difference between fashion and style. “Fashion says ‘me too’: style says ‘just me’.” I’ve discovered that I don’t really want to be a fashionista but I do have a style. And it works for me. That was the best lesson among so many I’ve learned.

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