4 Clever Tools to Make Getting Dressed Easier

November 15, 2016

Do you ever get dressed and think things like, “Will anyone notice that this ___________ (fill in the blank with your favorite garment) is getting worn out?,” or “I have to be a contortionist to zip this thing!” All you want to do is get dressed easily and quickly. Is that too much to ask, you wonder?

I know what you mean! Who needs those little annoyances and or wants to expend unnecessary energy when you just want to get on with your day?

One of the things I do for my clients is to collect clever fixes to little, but stubborn, problems.

Here are four of my favorites:

Unzipped – Have you ever found yourself at home alone unsuccessfully trying to zip your dress on your own? Either the zipper is extra long and hard to reach, the fabric is stiff or the zipper has to go over tight seams so it’s tough to move smoothly. When one of those scenarios is true, zipping can be an aerobic sport or better suited to a contortionist. That can all end now with this wonderful (and pretty!) tool.


Sour Pills – Has your beloved sweater that you’ve worn regularly for the past three years begun to show signs of wear and tear—specifically in the form of dreaded pills? You choose to wear it anyway and hope no one notices. You just can’t let it go! If, like me, you have tried de-pillers over time with limited success, I want to introduce you to one that really works. It has 3 attachments for different fabrics and works like a charm. Now you can give those old favorites a longer life!


Stop Battling with Your Bracelet – Along that same line, bracelets can be a lovely addition to your outfit, but hooking them can be an exercise in futility! So, instead of staring at them longingly from afar rather than on your wrist, this will make them easier to get on and off.


Boot Camp for Your Boots – If you have a pair of boots that is not standing up straight, there’s a quick fix. In a matter of seconds you will have sleek, new looking boots instead of tired, sagging ones.


I’m sure at least one of those is an answer to your prayers. Have fun and breathe a sigh of relief the next time you get dressed!

Do you have a favorite quick-fix tool you’d like to share? I (and others) would love to hear about it. You can share in the comments section below or join my special facebook group and share it with likeminded women: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YourTotalImageWithGinger/

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