How to Rework an Outfit

November 17, 2017

Do you ever spend time staring in your closet wondering what to wear or agonizing over how to pull together an outfit you feel great wearing? Or perhaps you put something on and then look in the mirror and sigh as you wonder, “Why isn’t this outfit working?”

I can help!

In this 7-minute video I have taken a photo of a model from a catalogue and will show you how I would recommend that she change the outfit (if she owned it or was thinking of purchasing it) so that it’s more flattering. Yes, even models get stuck wearing things that don’t work on them!

Does this outfit work?

Here is the before photo (full length and close up) so you can keep it handy to see more clearly what I am talking about in the video.


What I didn’t mention in the video:

  • The fit of the dress is good on her
  • The neckline is beautiful – the right depth and the shape of the neckline repeats the shape of her jawline which makes the neckline feel very natural and flattering on her.
  • Love the ¾ length sleeves on her as they draw focus to her waist.

Was this helpful? Did you learn something new? Can you see how you can apply it to your own wardrobe? Or, do you want to see more videos like this where you can learn about creating your most flattering outfits?

All of that is available as part of the ‘Style by Ginger’ monthly program (please note, this program is no longer available, but the 6-week class below is) I can help you understand why something is or isn’t working and learn how to change it so you feel great.

Each month in the Styled by Ginger program I personally assisted several women (on a first come, first-served basis) with style advice on an outfit that is causing them frustration.

We addressed any aspect of image including:

  • Does the color look good?
  • Is the fit right?
  • Is the print flattering?
  • What shoes do I wear?
  • How do I accessorize this outfit?
  • And anything else you’d like to know.

The information shared helped everyone learn how to tweak an outfit so it looks and feels fabulous. I know how personal our self-images are, so my suggestions were always given gently and with sensitivity.

I have offered this kind of support for many years through another online forum. Here’s what Laura has to say about how I offer advice:

“It is so eye opening to see how small adjustments can make such a big difference to an outfit.  And I love how diplomatic you are and appreciate that when you are giving feedback you are not doing it from you being right and the other wrong but from a genuine desire to have that person access the possibility for their inner self to shine. You say it with such compassion and caring and it’s such a gift to tell people what you see so that they can build the distinctions for themselves.”

For now, enjoy the video, then see how you can apply something you learned to your own wardrobe. And, if you are intrigued you can learn more about a current program — the ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ virtual class HERE.

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