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Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
2018 Spring Fashion Trend Update

Every spring we expect that florals, lace, ruffles and pastels will be on trend. They elicit gentle summer breezes and the softer colors we see in nature in the spring and summer. But, surprisingly, this season is a bit different. Yes, we will definitely see our share of lace and ruffles, but they are not being singled out as specifically trend-worthy. Interesting…

I have to admit that I am rather enamored of some of the trends and very happy to see a few surprises. That said, I did my fair share of laughing out loud as I looked through the stores to find what I want to show you. And, there are certainly a goodly number of ‘please don’t wear these’ styles (a.k.a., ‘Bothered & Bewildered’) in the catalogue I created, as you will see below.

The cold shoulder, off-the-shoulder and bell sleeves are still making a distinct appearance, but they are not the only show in town.

There is one popular spring trend with which I am delighted. Keep reading and you’ll see. And, I would love to hear what your favorite trend is.

Have fun! Here we go…



Pantone has selected the 2018 color of the year and the winner is…ultraviolet. It is a beautiful shade of purple. Not as cool as periwinkle, but not as warm as some of the plums that are a little trickier to wear. It’s a lovely color that looks good on a number of people. Here it is:

The thing is that even though it is the color of the year I’m not finding much of it in the stores. That’s not unusual. The year that emerald green was selected we had the same issue and last year the color was ‘greenery,’ but, again, we didn’t see it a lot. Maybe it will sneak up on us or maybe they are doing more with interior décor. Who knows!

What I am seeing, however, is a lot more lavender. But beware…lavender takes you into pastel land and pastels are notoriously hard to wear well. If you really love lavender, however, and you are not sure if it’s your best color, pair it with a neutral that looks great on you or add a scarf in a better color or print around your face.


A rainbow of colors in one garment is popular right now. If you are like me when you first hear that you think gaudy and childish. But, it can actually be pretty. My favorites are some that have softer rainbows like this one (although I wouldn’t put those colors on that model):

And, a great way to add this trend if it appeals to you, but you don’t want to be so obvious about it, is to wear it in your jewelry like this pretty bracelet:

See more ideas HERE.

Delicate and/or Vintage Florals

Every spring florals are touted as a hot trend. Yawn! And, in recent years gigantic florals have been all we see which has been frustrating because they can be so overpowering. This season, we have a new twist: delicate or vintage florals.

Don’t worry. You won’t look like your grandma’s curtains—well, you could, but not in the ones I have chosen to show you. These florals are lovely in pretty styles and gorgeous colors. Here is one example:

And, in case you are thinking that this means the colors have to be soft, here is an example of a delicate floral done in richer colors:

And, here is one with a lovely vintage vibe:

Polka Dots

Polka dots often pop up in the spring – they are a very happy design at a happy time of year as the memory of snow and cold fades. This season is no different although you will see the bulk of the polka dots in variations of black/white or navy/white like the one below.

I found one in a pretty color with small white dots and two fabulous trench coats with polka dots in neutral tones, but be careful about colorful polka dots. They can look very dated unless you make them look cool and fresh. You can see them all HERE (

Puffy Sleeves

We have been seeing puffy sleeves a bunch lately and even more this spring. But don’t worry. They are not ubiquitous like the cold shoulder and bell sleeves seem to be. So, you can choose to wear them or ignore them.

Puff sleeves that puff at the shoulder seam work best on someone with sloped and/or narrow shoulders because they can give a little lift and/or help balance the hips by adding width at the shoulder. In general, puffy sleeves look best on someone whose inner beauty words relate to sweet, cute or winsome. And even though those people still have to be careful that they don’t look like they are twelve years old when they wear them, they can work.

What I really like about this one below is that it has some boldness and doesn’t drift too far into ‘cute’ territory and opens up this style to incorporate other inner beauty words.

You will also see some more subtle puffy sleeves as well as some unusual takes on puffy sleeves making them even more wearable. Go HERE to see them. (


Usually we see plaid in the fall, but they are carrying it over into spring. Plaid is tricky. Most people either love it or hate it. I found a few pretty plaids that can have broader appeal like this dress.

And, this blouse has been feminized a bit and is a lovely color:

And of course there are more HERE.


I was surprised to see that ruching is actually a trend this season. We see it regularly in tops and dresses, but now that it is a bona fide trend perhaps we’ll see more…and that’s a good thing. Ruching can be decorative like the top below:

Or it can actually give a little ease in places you need a little extra room – often around the tummy.

Tie-Front Tops

This isn’t actually a ‘trend’ I saw on the list of what’s hot this spring, but tie-front tops are everywhere. Go figure! And, I like them. With styles often being so boxy and shapeless it’s nice to have some control over how fitted a look is. This style can be very figure-flattering to many body shapes. It accentuates the waist of a curvy body and adds curves where there aren’t any to a straighter body. And, often the fabric under the tie is not tight so it gives a little ease over the tummy. Don’t just try one and say it doesn’t work. There are many styles and widths of the belt so each one will fit differently. It’s simply a matter of finding the one that is right for you.

Here is one of my favorites (it’s slightly asymmetrical):

You will also see quite a few tie-front tops HERE (scroll down to the ‘Bothered & Bewildered’ section) that do not work and I explain why.

Rubber Raincoats

If you have tried to buy a trench or raincoat lately, I’m sure you have discovered what I have – it’s not easy…at least not in the stores. I swear there are about 5 minutes each season when they stock them and then they are gone to make room either for winter coats or bathing suits. Since in New England we have relatively long transitional seasons why is this? I will never understand.

This season they are showing rubberized raincoats. It’s not a bad idea since that way they are waterproof. Here is one that’s really pretty and perky for a dreary rainy day.

And, you HAVE to see the one I totally love HERE.

Spring Accessories

There are a lot of really fun accessories this season and I will touch on a couple of them. Handbags, in particular, are a great way to be on trend without going overboard. They are showing everything from fringed handbags to transparent or floral bags. Here is one of my favorite floral ones (I LOVE the clasp!):

Remember fanny packs? Well, they are back big time, but they have renamed them. They are now referred to as either ‘belt bags’ or ‘bum bags.’ My feeling is that if you are going to have something sitting on your tummy or bum, either make it as inconspicuous as possible or have fun with it. Here is a really fun, unusual bag:

Head bandanas are popular and can be really pretty. Learn to tie them in either a headband style or a full headwrap. You can find lots of ideas here:

AND here’s an example of a fun headscarf on my friend and colleague, Suzanne Dekyvere:


Large hoop earrings are all the rage. A lot of them are way too big for most people to comfortably wear either physically or personality-wise. I share a few ideas including my most favorite pair – a kind of twist on a hoop earring (you must look closely to see what makes them different):



I know it’s spring and everyone wants to feel lighter, but when pastel colors flood the stores it makes me cringe. It is too easy to disappear or look downright blah in a muted pastel. This pastel color looks good on almost no one:

For the majority of us (myself included) either ignore pastels or pair them with a richer deeper color so you don’t look totally washed out. If you watched the Academy Awards and saw Saoirse Ronan, you know what I mean. She completely disappeared in that light pink color.

Bad Plaid

Plaid can be beautiful, but not when it is big, boxy, light-colored squares all over your body? If you love plaid choose wisely. Run from this one:


Transparent Handbags

This photo cracks me up!

The model is carrying an empty transparent handbag. Who does that? No one! But, if they put anything in it, it will be messy and distracting. How many people have a meticulously neat handbag or feel comfortable exposing to the world everything they carry with them?

Tie-Front Top

As you know I really like this trend, but not when it looks like this (be sure to read why it doesn’t work HERE (scroll to the bottom to the ‘Bothered & Bewildered’ section):

There are two other trends that are bewildering (also in the catalogue):

  1. See what they are suggesting we do with pencil skirts!
  2. Do we really need to have a logo emblazoned on our chests and pay $1,200 for the privilege?

Go HERE to find about 150 carefully selected styles for you to peruse along with explanations about why I chose each one. And be sure to take a look at the ‘Just Because’ section – there are a handful of very wearable pieces I found while searching specifically for trends although they do not necessarily fall into any of the trend categories. Enjoy!

* * *

One of two things happens when you look at all the 150+ items I am sharing with you in this article and through the specially curated catalogue of clothes. You either think, “Yay, now I don’t have to spend hours looking at massive amounts of clothes. Ginger is showing me the best of the best.” OR you think, “This is all great, but what works on MY body?”

That’s where my more personalized help can make all the difference in the world for you. Getting dressed can be easier and shopping won’t feel like such a hit or miss experience.

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If you want my undivided attention, then a one-on-one private program is perfect. Let’s set up a time to talk and explore the possibilities. It does not commit you to anything. It’s simply a time to see if us working together is the perfect next step for you. To find a convenient time, go HERE.

Imagine having clothing selected specifically for your personality, lifestyle, body shape and budget! No more guessing and you’ll wear everything in your closet. Let’s talk.

* * *

A Note About the Clothes: All of the garments pictured here (and in the catalogue) are vegan (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals). Please note that I am passionate about ending animal suffering and choosing cruelty-free clothing is just one aspect of a vegan lifestyle. If you have any questions about being vegan or what fabrics are vegan please let me know. I am happy to help and will answer any questions with kindness and compassion.

Some of the affiliate links may generate very small commissions for Total Image Consultants. This helps offset the cost of the special software used to create these catalogues.


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