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How to Love Everything You Wear and Wear Everything You Love

Can you imagine having a wardrobe of items you love and that you wear on a regular basis? It really doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! Even if today you don’t spot a lot of love when you look into your closet, there are simple steps you could take to turn that around.

Here’s a heads up: You may need to:

  • Develop some new habits,
  • Cultivate a new mindset,
  • Make a few edits, or
  • Add a few pieces to your wardrobe.

But I know you’re up to it!

Here is a list of 12 steps that will move you ever closer to having a fully functioning wardrobe that you love and that loves you back.

  1. Pull out some pieces you are fond of but haven’t been wearing. Put them in the front of your closet so they are in full view every time you open your closet door. Choose one of those items each day and wear it in an outfit. Do this at least twice this week. (Or, if you can’t wear them because you are missing key pieces to make an outfit, commit to finding what you need to make a wearable outfit.)

  1. Edit out the items you love but that don’t work anymore. For instance, a blouse that no longer fits or a pair of pants that has a stain on it that you keep hoping you can get out.
  2. Wear the family treasures handed down to you by loved ones. You do not have to wait for a special occasion to use that adorable clutch that was your mom’s or a pair of earrings your grandmother left you. So many things these days mix nicely with a pair of jeans and you will feel great appreciating these lovely gifts.

  1. If something looks yellowed or dingy, remove it from your closet so your favorite pieces come into focus. (This can happen a lot in the summer. White clothes lose their vibrancy often after just one or two seasons. Be sure to assess them early in the season so there is still time to replace them before the Fall clothes come in to the stores (in June!))
  2. Hang up your clothes at the end of the day instead of leaving them in a heap (this goes for your shoes, too). All too often people send clothes to the cleaners or wash and dry them when all they really need is to be hung up and aired out. And it’s easy to forget what you have if you have to dig through a pile to find things.

  1. Use a full-length mirror as a tool to aid you in building outfits from items you love and to fully appreciate how great you look. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many times women use their bathroom mirrors and stand on their tippy toes trying to see the entire outfit at once. It doesn’t work. Get a full-length mirror and make sure it is easily accessible and nicely lit or you won’t use it. If you have to move boxes to get to it or it’s in a dark corner it will not be helpful.
  2. Edit out any items in your closet that are scratchy or uncomfortable. These days where comfort is one of the #1 considerations when getting dressed anything that is rough or too stiff won’t cut it. (One word of caution: resist the temptation to buy something ONLY because it is comfy. You want to consider the cut, shape, color, etc. when inviting something into your wardrobe. Comfort is just one (albeit important) component and yes, you can have it all!)
  3. Acquire all the pieces. If you are not wearing a favorite necklace because you need a certain earring style to go with it, go shopping (and be sure to take the necklace with you). The sooner you have that earring, the sooner you will love wearing that necklace. Or, if you have it stored in a box under other boxes in a drawer at the back of your dresser you won’t wear it either. Keep it front and center!
  4. Restore it. If you have a favorite shoe or handbag that is showing wear, take it to a professional who will bring it back to life. I have had one of my pairs of shoes resoled twice.
  5. Find new inspiration. Use Pinterest or Instagram images to inspire new ways to wear jeans, pants, skirts, or dresses. It is easy to fall into a rut and seeing what others are doing can be the perfect way to inspire new creativity. This is my Pinterest board where I put photos that inspire me:

  1. Remove the plastic from your dry cleaned items as soon as you get them home. Plastic holds moisture in and can damage your clothes (and set any unseen stains) over time. Your clothes will last longer if leave them uncovered or enclose them in cotton or canvas that breathes!
  2. If you have tarnished silver accessories that you aren’t using, polish them up so you reach for them more often. Make a game of it and get your kids to help or invite your friends over with their tarnished pieces and make a girls night while you watch a fun movie.

Having a beautiful and fully functioning wardrobe is created by a series of small steps. And, that said, twelve steps is a lot and you don’t want to do all of them at once or you will feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Choose one at a time beginning with either the easiest or the one that makes you smile to think about. Then move to the next and the next…

And, if just thinking about this makes you want to live in yoga pants, getting help with it is the answer. Even I did that years ago and it changed my life (and my wardrobe) forever.

If you look in your closet and see mostly items that are not uplifting or inspiring and it feels like too big a job to do alone, let’s talk ( It is no fun to live like that or feel frustrated every morning when you get dressed. Imagine the relief that will wash over you when you have a wardrobe that makes getting dressed fun!

Here’s what Peggy Rosen said after our recent morning shopping trip: “So great to get dressed with a sense of peace, pleasure, and play instead of dread, disappointment, and despair.” I can help you, too, create a wardrobe that fits your needs so you will love everything you wear!


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