The Truth Is: You Have to Try On Lots of Stuff

February 5, 2019

I completely understand. If you’ve been struggling with putting outfits together or finding clothes you really love or that work well on your body, then it’s understandable that the last thing you want to do is spend time shopping. You’d give anything to have someone wave a magic wand and have your perfect wardrobe miraculously appear.

Am I right?

Perhaps it will help to know that it isn’t hopeless. With the right direction and support, you can create a wardrobe that leaves you smiling every time you get dressed. Nicole Paull did…

“It is amazing to me that I actually enjoy shopping now—even when I don’t find anything. It was always such a struggle before—liking things on the rack, but not liking them on and not really knowing what it was that made them not work. Having a little more know-how is a really powerful thing.”

And while we’re at it let’s bust the myth that you should know how to pull just a few things and have immediate success.

The Truth Is: You Have to Try On Lots of Stuff

Men have it easy. They walk into a store, state their various measurements and what they are looking for and they rarely set foot in a dressing room unless something needs tailoring. Women, on the other hand, can try on the same thing in two different colors and the fit will be different!


Yes, you can get to know a brand or designer and stick with the same things for years, but eventually even those things change or you change and they no longer work. Plus, nearly every woman who comes to me says she is bored with what she’s been wearing, but she does not know how to branch out.

One of the keys is to try lots of things on. Yes, even on the popular ‘What Not to Wear’ makeover television show they did that. Of course, they only aired a tiny fraction of what happened behind the scenes or the show would have gone on for days!

But, Clinton Kelly, co-host of ‘What Not to Wear’ readily admits, for example, that the women on the show tried on at least 20 pairs of jeans before they found the right pair. )

Do you get discouraged and give up after trying on 6 tops that don’t fit or that you don’t like? With the variation in women’s sizing and clothing that doesn’t always have much hanger appeal, trying new things on is one step in finding that exceptional piece AND it helps to keep your wardrobe fresh by considering new options.

Of course, understanding your body, having the tools to create the looks you love and finding the stores that will make that a reality are all part of the journey.

Lastly, the one way you definitely will not get a wardrobe you love is to give up. Rethinking how you approach your wardrobe needs will help you strategize in a way that gives you some peace and makes the journey manageable.

Keep these 2 truths in mind the next time you shop or get dressed:

  1. A great wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight.
  2. Expect to try on lots of clothes to find the ones you love. Sure, occasionally, you happen upon the perfect items or a designer who seems tailor made for you, but do not let it stop you or feel like something is wrong with you if you have to (or want to) take a number of items into the dressing room. Make it an adventure and, most importantly, learn from each experience. If you are not having luck at the stores you usually go to, find new ones!

Everyone (that includes YOU!) can have a wardrobe they love—In fact, I have yet to meet a woman who cannot…and I sincerely doubt you will be the first.

Follow these truths to give yourself some breathing room and help you realize there isn’t something wrong with you if you don’t have the wardrobe of your dreams right now—simply rethink your strategy and stay with me…I have lots to share.

And, if once you get in the dressing room you can’t figure out how to decide what works and what doesn’t, check out this free webinar: 3 Style Strategies for Professional Women Over 40. Learn to dress with confidence without shedding pounds, sacrificing comfort or compromising who you are. Watch it HERE.

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