3 Questions to Ask as You Clean Out Your Closet

September 30, 2020

Since my birthday falls at the end of the September, it’s the PERFECT time to switch my wardrobe from summer to Fall. And, being a perfectionistic Virgo that’s often what I do on my actual birthday – it makes me very happy!

Each season as I switch my wardrobe I pay special attention to what stays and what goes. I figure there’s no use moving things around unless I’m actually going to wear them—especially since I have to lug them up and down stairs (with the help (haha) of my kitties).

So, how do I decide?

woman choosing clothes in front of full closet

There are many things to consider, but I always begin with these 3 questions:

  1. Do I love it (or as Marie Kondo says, does it spark joy)?
  2. Does it still fit in a way that is comfortable?
  3. Is it still in good repair?

Notice I did not ask if I have worn it recently. Yes, I often do ask myself that, but the past 6 months have been so unusual that I do not recommend using that this year as a barometer for letting something go. If you can still answer YES to the three questions above then I recommend keeping it even if you haven’t worn it. If not, it goes.

Do this as you’re switching your closet or on a daily basis as you reach for something different to wear. It’s a great way to help keep your wardrobe manageable and wearable!

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