Fun 1-min. Video: From Elegant to Boho

July 27, 2021

Have you ever had an experience where you see a style on someone and think… “I want to wear that!” But you put it on and the first thing that pops into your head is… “Well, that DOESN’T work for me!”

In this 1-minute ‘Front Porch Catwalk’ video I’ll be talking about just that!

In my case it’s how to wear a bohemian style without feeling like I’m wearing my pajamas. I love the boho style, but it doesn’t always love me. So, I’ve learned how to give a nod to the style and feel good about it—in small doses.

I can either reinforce that style or tone it down with my jewelry (you’ll see me wearing two earring options –and no, I don’t wear them mismatched like that!).

Is there a style you love, but you haven’t figured out how to wear it in a way that makes you feel great? How can you play with it and add a touch of that style?

Check out the 1-minute video here:

Front Porch Catwalk: Bohemian Style!

Enjoy and I hope this inspires you to play with a style you’ve been admiring!

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