Top 3 Reasons You’re Having Trouble Finding Tops!

October 19, 2021

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. There seems to be a dearth of flattering tops available. So many things look like a regurgitation of what we’ve already seen over and over or they are too edgy/cute/young or simply downright frumpy.

1. What are some of the reasons you’re not finding what you want?

It seems as if every top you see is either oversized or skin tight and you prefer something that floats over your body without clinging or drowning you in fabric. (Check out my before and after preference example below)

2. You admire tops on models who are tall with straight bodies and you are shorter and curvy. You aren’t sure how to figure out if the top you like will work for you or should you walk on by?

3. You want beautiful colors but black, navy and/or gray feel like safe colors so you buy them because you don’t know what else to choose. But then you feel bored or dreary.


Keep looking (go back to the store in a couple of weeks when they bring in new items) and explore new stores to expand your options—both in-store and online. New shopping destinations can be exciting and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

If something appeals to you try it on and, if it doesn’t automatically feel fabulous, think about how you might be able to adjust/tailor it to work for you. This will either satisfy your curiosity and you’ll take it home with a smile on your face or you’ll have no regrets leaving it at the store.

Invest in beautiful flattering colors. If you aren’t sure what colors look fabulous on you, have a personalized color palette created and you’ll never have to guess again. When in doubt check out this blog post about 4 colors that tend to look good on a lot of people:

Above all, never settle for good enough or you’ll end up with an entire wardrobe that feels ‘good enough’ and that’s never fun or satisfying when you get dressed. You are better off wearing something you already own that is ‘good enough’ than spending money on something that doesn’t make your heart sing.

* * *

Need help discovering your best colors, find out more about getting a personalized color palette here:

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