Shoe Organizing Made Easy

April 4, 2022

It’s so easy for shoes to end up as a jumbled mess on your closet floor requiring you to have to weed through everything to find two that match. This adds stress and frustration to your experience of getting dressed, not to mention that it can lead to scuffed or damaged shoes.

Finding a way to store your shoes so they are easily identifiable and neatly arranged is what we are all looking for.

I’d like to share my favorite way of arranging my shoes in my closet.

I store them on shelves and the goal is to fit as many shoes as possible on the shelf without them looking overcrowded or piled on top of each other.

If you’re frustrated by your attempts to get your shoes to fit neatly on the shelf, there’s a quick fix for that!

See the difference here:

The key is to have one shoe facing out and one facing in. That way they take up less space so you can fit more on each shelf thereby maximizing the space you have!

This isn’t the only way to store your shoes. There are certainly a number of different options to keep your shoes visible and neatly sorted. This is my personal favorite. What’s yours?


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