Made in the USA: It’s Gaining Momentum

May 20, 2022

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I want to share this very timely blog post by my client and friend, Dianna Huff (Founder and President of

As you know, it has become more common for clothing companies to manufacturer their garments overseas and often in China. While it is not as easy to find clothing that is Made in the USA, the good news is that it is gaining renewed momentum.

Dianna has written a terrific blog about the importance of buying Made in the USA as well as sharing 3 tips for how to do that with more ease and success. And, she shares some terrific links for clothing made both in the USA or Canada. You can read it here: Buying Tips: Women’s Apparel Made in USA.

I also want to thank Dianna for her kind words about how I have helped her. She’s a joy to work with and I love her commitment to keep manufacturing jobs stateside. I love seeing that more companies are transparent about how and where their products are made. This allows us to make choices that reflect our values and support our country when possible.

Enjoy this article and have a lovely holiday weekend as we share in the remembrance of those who have (and do!) serve our country.

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