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Shopping Gave Her a Headache…Until Now

December 20, 2022

Shopping! Ugh! That’s what so many women I talk to say about shopping for clothes or putting together an outfit. And that was totally true for Pam.

When I first met Pam, she shared, “I could spend hours looking and come up empty-handed with only an awful headache to show for it.” I know a lot of you will resonate with that! She was frustrated and felt at a loss as to how to make clothing choices that make her heart sing.

We changed all that and I’m going to show you how!

There are always three primary foundational elements that go into creating a wardrobe—each one will help you more easily identify what you love to wear and will make shopping easier.


Very few things can impact a wardrobe’s success as powerfully as the colors you wear. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to color and, yes, that is even true for black! (I’ll share more about that with an example at the end.)

Gray is a close second to black because when Pam wears light gray, she disappears. That color does nothing to support her natural beauty and it means she has to work harder to add any pizzazz to an outfit. As you can see below, deeper colors look gorgeous on her.


Oversized is the name of the game when it comes to style right now (and it has been that way for a while). In an effort to feel cozy and comfy, oversized clothing can do the trick, but it can also easily look overwhelming as this sweater outfit does on Pam.  Pam can absolutely wear a cardigan and generally one that is shorter and follows her body shape will work better for her (no matter what the fabric is) and, of course, always in a color that looks great on her.


In order to feel fully excited about your clothing, what you wear must accurately convey who you are in your heart and soul. This is universally true and one of the most compelling components of any outfit or wardrobe.

With each client I dive deeply into who they are and together we identify four words or phrases that fully express their essence. Pam’s four inner beauty words are:

  • Joyfully adventurous
  • Resourceful quiet strength
  • Thoughtfully compassionate
  • Deeply connected

One of the first things Pam shared with me was that she wanted her wardrobe to honor and reflect her Latina roots. She felt that aspect of her personality and heritage was missing in her wardrobe, but she wasn’t sure how to express it in a way that a felt authentic to her.

Let’s take a look…

You can see that the gray sweater does not have the energy she was seeking. But, the beautiful gold blouse with the scarf reflects her ‘joyfully adventurous’ side with the rich color and fun ruffled sleeves as well as expressing the deeply connected part of her personality by the way the scarf frames her face. The deep red color adds the compassion and resourceful strength and it all brings focus to her expressive eyes and engaging smile.

Has having these (and other) tools at her fingertips changed Pam’s experience of shopping and getting dressed?


As she shares, “I learned so much about color and styles/patterns from Ginger. I even had fun shopping which I have always dreaded. Now I feel a sense of excitement and real joy looking for new pieces using some of the great tools Ginger has provided me.”

(Need help? Join my next ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ class! Expressing your inner beauty is fully covered in class #1 and applied throughout the rest of the course covering all the important tools to get dressed with joy.)

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I also promised you a look at whether or not black is a color that works for Pam. While she ‘can’ wear black, it’s definitely not the color that makes her sparkle. See how much more joyful she looks in the purple compared to black. (The best time for Pam to wear black would be when she wants to fully express her ‘resourceful quiet strength’ BUT there are other colors that could potentially do that even better than black! If she wants to wear black, I’d recommend she use it sparingly or in combination with some of her other beautiful colors—like the black in the dress below.)

As you create your dream wardrobe, be sure to have these three tools handy to help you spark joy in every outfit you wear:

  1. Your best COLORS
  2. Good FIT
  3. Full expression of your INNER BEAUTY

When you run every purchase and outfit by these 3 concepts (personalized to you, of course), you, too, can experience ‘real joy’ each time you get dressed.

Need help making this happen for you when you feel stuck? Join the next ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ class where you learn all the tools you need to create a fabulous wardrobe AND you can get my personalized support along the way. Learn more here: Create Your Personal Style.

Find Out More about Style Class

Here’s what Wendy B. says about her experience with the class: “Ginger’s class provided invaluable style insights and a clear framework for developing my personal style in a fun, supportive atmosphere. The course begins with developing your unique “inner beauty words,” which guide all of your style decisions thereafter. Style is unique to each person, and never one-size fits all. I’m excited to continue refining my style through utilizing all I’ve learned!”

* * *

Many thanks to my amazing ‘before and after’ team:
Nicole Wenstrom ( — Hair
Theresa Johnson ( — Photographer
David Nicholas ( — Makeup

*Inner Beauty Words: Each of my clients gets 4 personal inner beauty words. These are words or phrases that describe who she is at her core and essence. I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of women and no two have ever had the same 4 words. This is not surprising since each woman is unique and it’s exciting to help her find the wardrobe that makes her feel like she’s fully expressing who she is. There are many ways in which I help you uncover your inner beauty words. Find out more HERE: (

All of Pam’s after outfits are vegan-friendly.

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