Create a Daily Uniform to Make Getting Dressed Effortless!

May 31, 2023

We all have clothes we can put on in seconds and be out the door in a flash. Getting dressed is easy, but…

Putting together an outfit you love and feel great wearing…well…that’s often a different story. The fact that this process isn’t always simple is also why you might find yourself defaulting too often to workout clothes or jeans and a t-shirt day after day. Those options are both simple AND easy.

The problem is that wearing your workout clothes all day every day can get tiresome and rarely feeds your soul or makes you smile, right?

Here are some of the things I hear from women about their wardrobe frustrations:

  • I try to dress to not look frumpy, but I’m not always successful.
  • I feel like my wardrobe lacks personality!
  • How do I make my wardrobe express my authentic self?
  • I have tons of clothing and nothing to wear!
  • All of those concerns are important and they all figure into the one we’re going address today:

What’s an easy way to look put-together and polished every day?

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