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3 Tips to Look Great in Photos

Whether you are preparing for a branding photo shoot, you’re the mother of the bride or groom or perhaps you’re attending a high school or college reunion, you’ll want to look and feel amazing in the photos.

Here are 3 tips for looking great anytime you are photographed (Diane shows how it’s done in her before & after photos!):

  1. Wear Your Best Colors. If you have a personalized color palette then you’re golden. That will help you select colors that look amazing on you so you don’t either disappear in the photos or feel overpowered by color. If you don’t have a color palette, you can’t go wrong with shades of blue, specifically cobalt blue, classic blue (which isn’t as dark as navy or as bright as cobalt), periwinkle or teal.
  2. Keep It Solid. Prints can absolutely look good and add some delightful visual interest to a photograph, but if they aren’t just right, they can look fussy, overwhelming or even distracting if they vibrate on camera (e.g., skinny stripes tend to do this). Stick with beautiful solid colors and vary your styles and accessories and you’ll look great.
  3. Strike a Pose. Candid photos are one thing, but if you’re posing in a group or even by yourself, be sure to angle your body, place one hand on your hip and most importantly, stand up straight with your shoulders back. Good posture is the most important aspect of posing.

Oh, and no matter what…smile!!

* * *

Need help knowing what colors look best on YOU so you don’t have to guess or try to figure it out by trial and error? Check out my color analysis page (can be done virtually or in-person): (Here’s what Deb Napoli from New York said about her palette: “I am ABSOLUTELY in love with my color palette and it was the best money I’ve ever spent!”


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