My Three Favorite Lipsticks

June 16, 2023

Finding a lipstick you love to wear can be tricky, right. There are SO many colors out there. And, if you are someone with warm coloring (like me) looking for a lipstick that isn’t too cool-toned, it gets even harder.

I try a lot of lipsticks and am happy to share some of my favorites with delicious options and all vegan-friendly so no animals were harmed to make them. I also love that each of these options helps support a woman in business!

Mayuur Naturals: Beautiful, natural lipsticks (I wear Coral Kisses):

Limelife by Alcone: (I wear #200 – a warm color, but there are over 20 other colors)

Tower28: Maybe you want shine with a bit of color (13 colors available). This is one of my favorite lip glosses (I wear Fire)

Have fun exploring! I’d love to hear your favorite color and/or your favorite vegan lipstick brand!

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