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Going on Vacation?
Don’t Forget to Pack These 3 Items!

To be honest, I don’t travel a lot and my kitties are very thankful for that (as you can see from the photo below). Of course, it takes me twice as long to pack because I have to keep moving sleeping cats out of the suitcase or wrestle items away from them that they’ve decided are their new toys!

As you might have seen in some of my previous posts, I am a big believer in using a packing list to make sure you remember everything you need to bring with you. I use my list even if it’s just for a quick overnight somewhere. If I skip that step, I invariably forget something and I have few patience for spending time replacing those items or figuring out how to make do without them.

Here are the 3 things I tend to forget if I don’t use my handy list:

  1. Cell phone charger – yes, I often keep an extra in my handbag, but not always and it’s so annoying not to have one ready when I need it.
  2. Socks for sleeping – okay, not glamorous, but I can’t sleep if my feet are cold!
  3. Moisturizer – Since I don’t travel a lot I really don’t like to keep my moisturizer sitting in my suitcase when I’m not using it. So it’s something I have to remember to add in each time. It’s definitely on my packing list!

I know these might not be the 3 items you want to make sure you bring with you (or have a tendency to forget) and I could certainly add more to this list (thus the need for my personalized packing list).

I’d love to hear what are YOUR 3 items you don’t want to be without when you travel?

* * *

Of course, the clothing you bring is also important and if you have to spend inordinate amounts of time figuring that out, I can help. Check out my 6-week class ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ and the topics I share in this class can help you create a wardrobe that is travel-friendly. Carol Takvorian shares what a difference having a versatile wardrobe makes: “Last night I packed for south beach. It was easy and didn’t take long because I had the right items. What a change. It’s all fantastic!” You, too, can use this class to help you making packing easier!


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