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Tailored Glamour: Making a Statement in Wedding-Ready Pants

Are you going to a wedding sometime soon? I’ve been very busy helping a lot of my clients get ready to attend a wedding (or sometimes two or three!). One of the questions I hear a lot lately is, ‘Do I have to wear a dress?’

When you think of dressing for a wedding, a dress is often the first thing that comes to mind, right? And, if you do an online search about what to wear, 99% of the time that’s what will pop up.

Is that the only option?


I am finding that at least half of my clients are delighted to hear that they can wear pants to a wedding and still look appropriate for the special occasion and feel beautiful and (yay!) comfortable. I’ve even helped a Mother of the Groom get a stunning pant outfit that made her heart sing.

Where do you start to find pants that are wedding worthy? I’ve done the searching for you!

Take a look HERE and you’ll find some beautiful options to inspire you or perhaps even end your search.

Jumpsuits are very popular and while you might need to try a few to find just the right fit, once you do they are very comfy. Yes, going to the ladies room is a bit more challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and worth the bit of extra effort for the beauty and comfort of wearing it.

Finding a jumpsuit is also trickier to find them for petites (and often for someone tall as well), but again, if this idea intrigues you keep trying. You’re bound to find one that is perfect even if you have to shorten it a bit or wear it at a cropped length.

Besides jumpsuits, I’ll share lots of beautiful pants that you can then pair with a lovely top.

(Check out the pant options here:

I’d love to hear what your go-to outfit is for attending a wedding in comfort and style!


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