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Cozy Elegance: Finding the Perfect Sweater to Enhance Your Beauty

It’s that time of year here in the northeast where the temperatures dip and you reach for a cozy sweater! Nothing feels better on a chilly day. But, it’s also very easy to put on a sweater and feel frumpy or, as one client said to me recently, ‘like I’m wearing a balloon!’

Yes, oversized sweaters are still in, but they definitely aren’t for everyone. How do you choose a sweater (whether oversized or not) that feels good and one in which you like how you look?

1. Choose a Sweater with Some Structure. Frumpiness can sometimes come from the unstructured design of a sweater—drop shoulders, boxy shapes, etc. If you feel better in something that has some structure, make sure your sweater has set in sleeves (meaning there’s a seam at the shoulder as you can see in the example below). I find this particularly helpful for me because I have narrow sloped shoulders so I don’t feel droopy.

2. Not Too Tight or Too Loose. Choose a sweater that skims your body as opposed to being boxy and oversized. A v-neckline often helps give it some design interest (as opposed to a crewneck) and can frame your face as you see in the sweater below.

3. Tame with a Tuck. If you decide to wear an oversized sweater, be sure to wear something slimmer on the bottom and/or front tuck or fully tuck the sweater so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in fabric.

Of course, whatever sweater you wear, be sure to choose one in a color that looks amazing on you for a little extra sparkle. Enjoy the cozy!!


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