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Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
Spring 2024 Fashion Trend Updates

It’s spring and that alone, especially after the dreary, cloudy winter we’ve had in the northeast, is enough to make one smile!

As we edge toward the warmer weather, it’s time to think about what you’ll wear. You probably have your favorite standbys from last summer and it can feel exciting to pull those out. It can also be fun to know what’s on trend for this upcoming season and look at what you might want to add to your wardrobe in the next couple of months.

Perhaps you’ve been eagerly awaiting this report so you can see my catalogue of over 150 favorites (be sure to click on the photos to take you to a full catalogue of suggestions (including trends to avoid!)).

Are you new to my Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered trend report? If so, you’re in for a treat. I don’t hold back on what trends I feel are worth exploring and which ones should stay on the racks! Be sure to check out 40+ of MY personal favorites here:

I’ll share everything from the popular spring colors to what’s happening with pant rises and which trends feel fresh and new vs. what we see every spring (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Want to know more? Click on a photo and it will take you directly to a curated selection of over 150 of ALL of my favorites and then you can easily get to the website for any individual pieces to see if they are something that might warrant adding to your spring style.

Without further ado…let’s talk spring trends!



I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear that white dresses are everywhere as well as pastels (which are notoriously hard to wear without feeling drab). We will also see a wide variety of shades of green, lilac/lavender is on trend as well as peach (peach fuzz is the color of the year after all), and red continues to be as hot as it was last fall…although, to be honest, I’m not seeing as much of it as I expected.

Butter yellow can be a pretty addition if it works for you or worn blended with another richer color, and metallics are everywhere on everything. Barbie pink has taken a backseat to a softer (millennial) pink.

This is one of my favorite colors from the season. Click on the photo to go to the selection of Spring Colors (30+ more suggestions) or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Rosettes & Ruffles

It’s spring and these frills tend to come with the territory. Let’s hope they don’t cover every garment in bows and ruffles. Rosettes have been gaining popularity over the past year or so and can be a pretty addition to a wardrobe if you’re a romantic, floral kind of gal. You’ll see them as appliques, 3-dimensional designs, as prints and even around your neck (check out my class on scarf tying to learn how to tie a rosette neck tie!

Click on the photo to go to the selection of Rosettes & Ruffles (12+ more suggestions) or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Ultra High Rise Trousers

As trends run their course, they tend to get extreme. Think super low rise pants finally giving way a number of years ago to a more moderate rise then moving up to high rise and now we are going extreme in the opposite direction. From high rise (which I personally love) to ultra-high rise which I still like (most of these are with a wider leg), but I know they are not for everyone.

Ideally, designers will offer different rises to meet everyone’s preference and that does still seem to be the case right now, more or less. But fingers crossed we don’t head down to only offering low rise. Ugh! I didn’t love those when they were called hip huggers 50 years ago and won’t wear them now either. In the meantime, ultra-high rise can be slightly dramatic and create a very long leg line and they are still only a few styles out there this extreme. It’s not always the most balanced look, but fun to play with if it intrigues you…otherwise, stick with what makes you happy and feels best on! (Note: I’d recommend avoiding ultra high rise jeans since they can often look like the dreaded ‘mom’ jeans whereas ultra high rise pants usually have a wider waistband.). Click on the photo to go to the selection of Ultra High Rise Trousers or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Kitten Heels & Slingbacks (including loafers)

Kitten heels are back after a fairly long hiatus. Years ago, my favorite shoes were kitten heels, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to revisit the trend. I’ve changed my mind. They’ve updated and upgraded the kitten heel and it’s great. Instead of being super skinny (albeit low) heels, they have a curve that goes in and then out again so there’s a bit more support to the design. My new favorite boots from the winter were kitten heels – comfy and elegant!

Slingbacks are a lovely spring and summer style. The trick can be finding the strap that stays on the back of your foot and doesn’t slip off. If you can find one, they add a lovely, summery look to any outfit. Even loafers are popular as slingbacks. I’m not sure I’m in love with that trend so I’d enjoy hearing from you loafer-lovers to find out if you’ll be adding the slingback version to your wardrobe!

They run the gamut from lug sole loafers to more delicate sparkly flats. Click on the photo to go to the selection of slingbacks (14+ more suggestions) or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Sparkle with Sequins

Sparkles are for daytime as well as nighttime and that’s not news to anyone. It’s been a popular trend for a while and I enjoy it. This season it’s sequins that create the sparkle and they are on everything from your bomber jackets to your cap sleeve tops to your eveningwear. Have fun with them! Click on the photo to go to see more about this pretty sequined top or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Sweaters Over Shoulders (Preppy is in!)

The preppy look is very in right now and wearing your sweater over your shoulders is just one way to give a nod to this trend. Surprisingly, there are two ways to tie your sweaters. One is the way we’re all familiar with – just lightly tied around your neck. The other, which to me looks ridiculous (sorry!), is to tie it across your chest from your shoulder to under your opposite arm (see below)—I think they are running out of new ideas for ways to wear sweaters if they have to resort to this look, but maybe that’s just me!

Trench Coats

I am a fan of trench coats since they serve a useful purpose between my winter coat and summer and, of course, they are handy when it actually rains. The trench coat that is gaining prominence now is the satin trench coat which can do the same as a regular one except probably not your best choice to wear when it’s pouring raining. It can also do double duty as a lightweight evening coat. Click on the photo to go to see more about this Satin Trench Coat (with 12+ more trench coat ideas) or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

This stunning blue satin trench coat is one of my favorites:

Pedal Pushers

After last spring’s ankle pants overshadowing the usual capri pant style worn in the warmer weather, shorter pants for spring are making a comeback. Whether you call them capris, pedal pushers or cropped we’ll see more of them. So, break out the shorter pants anywhere from right below the knee to mid-calf if you’ve been saving them or splurge on a new pair in a pretty color. I know they aren’t for everyone and you can certainly still war your ankle length pants, but it’s good to have choices. Click on the photo to go to see more about these capri pants or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

Polka Dots

While we will see the typical florals and navy/white stripes that make an appearance very spring, we are also seeing more polka dots. Again, not an earthshattering trend, but now we are seeing a few more polka dots in pretty colors in addition to the typical black or navy and white combinations. Click on the photo to go to see more at least 20+ more florals, polka dots and other prints or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:


We’re seeing two big trends. 1) Silver is making a comeback although it’s never totally been gone, but it has been surprisingly hard to find in recent years. 2) Classic styles that are a throwback to the late 80’s and early 90’s – styles like knot earrings or doorknocker earrings are on trend and go with everything. And many of them come in your choice of silver or gold. Click on the photo to go to see more beautiful jewelry or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

If you’re local to the Boston area, I highly recommend visiting my favorite jewelry person, Karen Halaby. She works out of her home in Somerville and has a huge selection of beautiful jewels. Or you can reach out to her (you can find her on Facebook here (she doesn’t have a website): or let me know and I’ll connect the two of you). She’s happy to show you a variety of options by email and has sent jewelry to my clients all over the world!


I wouldn’t say there are a lot of trends that ‘bother’ me. But there are a couple that are have outstayed their welcome as far as I’m concerned.

Transparent Skirts

There has been a love affair with sheer styles for a while. They don’t work for me and I’m not even sure if they would if I were much younger, but you never know. Right now, fully transparent skirts worn with what looks like matching underwear under it is the hot trend. I’ll leave this to the super trendy young women OR maybe wear it over your swimsuit!

Oversized Everything

Aren’t we done with the wildly oversized trend yet? Thankfully, the runways are starting to show more figure skimming styles, but it seems they have yet to make it to the stores around here. Maybe now that oversized has gone to an extreme, we’ll get a reprieve. Fingers crossed!


Super Short Shorts

Since I haven’t worn a pair of shorts in nearly 30 years, I’ll leave them (no matter what length they are) to those of you who enjoy wearing them! I never wore ‘Daisy Dukes’ even back when they first were popular 40 years ago so I’m definitely not going to wear them now! How about you?

Low Rise Jeans and Skirts

Not only low rise but slouchy…ugh…a definite throwback to the 90’s! If this style works for you, enjoy! I’m hanging onto my high rise bootcut jeans.

Barrel Jeans

When I first saw this trend last season, I was hoping it was a joke or perhaps would be short-lived. No such luck! There are now more of them around. I’m staying far away since I’d look like a blob wearing them.

Drop Waist Dresses

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure which section to put this style in. I decided that it can be a bit bewildering to choose a drop waist dress without looking frumpy or like you’re 12 years old, so it’s going here. A drop waist dress tends to look best on someone who has a very straight body. Those with curves will often find that either the drop waist seam gets caught up around your hips or you feel like you’re wearing a box. Of course, they are showing some drop waist dresses with shape to them, so if this style appeals to you, keep looking. Click on the photo to go to see more about the 4 Drop Waist Dresses I could find that I think have potential and you’ll see two more in the Styles to Approach Cautiously section! or click here to go to the full catalogue of spring selections:

This is a reasonably pretty drop waist dress (although on the pricey side):


From BarbieCore to Grandpa! Think sweater vests over a collared shirt, Mr. Rogers cardigans and colorful socks with loafers. They can all work if you are cool enough to pull it off (I’m not!) although I do think colorful socks with loafers can be fun without making you feel like grandpa is wearing them! The look below can be fabulous when worn in a funky way and having her attitude certainly helps sell it!

What do you think? Are there trends that inspire and delight you and maybe even a few that have you shaking your head? Very few of these trends are fads which means they will have some lasting power. You can pick and choose what you love and feel fairly confident you can wear them for a good amount of time. Plus, they can help keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.

I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

* * *

A Note About the Clothes: All of the garments pictured here are vegan (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals). Please note that I am passionate about ending animal suffering and choosing cruelty-free clothing is just one aspect of a vegan lifestyle. If you have any questions about being vegan or what fabrics are vegan please let me know. I am happy to help and will answer any questions with kindness and compassion.

Some of the affiliate links may generate very small commissions for Total Image Consultants. This helps offset the cost of the special software used to create this report.


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