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An Extraordinary Event Supporting Women Who were Trafficked

Giving back to women in need is one of the things I love most about working with Cabi and one of those ways is through ‘Love Local’ events supporting women in need.

On May 1, I had the honor of a being part of a Cabi ‘Love Local’ event in Lynn, Massachusetts (where I live). Cabi sent new clothing to Amirah, Inc. whose sole mission is to provide exit and aftercare services to women who have experienced sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

25-30 women attended at a lovely support house* and Cabi sent enough clothing for each woman to choose 5 pieces she loved! We had so much fun finding just the right pieces and helping each woman feel beautiful and special.

I am feeling grateful for so many reasons!!!

  1. Working with a company that gives back to women ….Cabi
  2. Working with a company that pours so much into their stylists …Cabi
  3. Working with a company of so many AMAZING women
  4. Being able to work side by side with my fellow Cabi stylists giving back to a community of women that are so grateful for our help.

*The support house is known as the ‘Mansion’ in Lynn. Jen Lane shared the mission of the Mansion which was created in a beautiful 1877 house whose purpose is to serve as a safe and loving space for women in recovery. You can see both a picture of the ‘Blue Mansion’ as well as Jen Lane (left) pictured here with a lovely woman whom I helped find 5 articles of clothing that looked amazing on her!

Thank you, Cabi!!

Learn more about Amirah here:
Learn more about Cabi’s philanthropic side here: (under ‘Changing Lives’ click more and you’ll see everything)
To learn more about the ‘Blue Mansion’ in Lynn, go here:

P.S. Many thanks to Jen Lane and my fabulous Cabi upline, Lissa Keane, for organizing this special event.

P.P.S. Here’s the photo of my Cabi stylist friends and me after the event!


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