Fashion Fairy Godmother Program Demystified!

Do You Want a Fashion Fairy Godmother BUT You’re Confused? Okay, I’ve been hearing that some of you are confused about the Fashion Fairy Godmother program and how it works….

Every day you make a statement without saying a word by the fashion choices you make.

he fur on hoods and cuffs might seem inconsequential, but it still involves massive animal suffering.  Choose the hottest new trend instead: faux fur. Celebrities are wearing it everywhere. What…

Calling All Single Women: Make Your Next Date the Best Ever!

This past year, countless clients have told me that they are back on the dating scene. Some admit this with trepidation and a big sigh and others are excited by…

Body image issues are rampant among women. What’s your favorite body part and how do you highlight it using your wardrobe?

Body image issues are rampant among women.  What’s your favorite body part and how do you highlight it using your wardrobe?

Scarves add visual interest and beauty to an outfit and bring focus to your face.

Make sure they enhance (not overwhelm) you.  (If you’re not sure, close your eyes and then open them again.  What do you see first?  You or the scarf?  Hint: if…

Want to look slimmer?

Choose clothing (or tailor it) to fit you properly.  Nothing too clingy or baggy – both visually add pounds!

What’s your best neutral color?

(Hint: it might not be black!) Whatever it is (black, brown, navy, charcoal, cream, white), make it the foundation of your wardrobe.  

A Special Sneak Peek

I was at my neighborhood café this morning doing some writing and planning when a woman I know came in.  We started chatting and she shared that she had told…

WARNING – Step away from your wardrobe!

Is Your Wardrobe TOXIC? Do you feel a sense of dread each time you get dressed? It is my intention to help YOU free yourself from your toxic wardrobe and…

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