Vegan Choices #fb

Each time you make a vegan choice (in food, fashion or personal care) you reduce suffering.

Follow Your Heart #fb

Does your heart tell you to become a vegan but your fashion sense tells you it’s not possible? Guess what? It’s getting easier and easier, and the choices are amazing.

Summer Fashion? The Jury’s Out #fb

Jury duty…it’s rarely anyone’s favorite pastime, although most of us recognize that it is important.  I just had it, and it reminded me that one of the main reasons people…

Vacation Packing: What’s In (or not in!) Your Suitcase? #fb

Vacations are a time to relax, renew and enjoy life, right?  Try telling yourself that while you are madly packing the night before!  I mean, who hasn’t run around at…

How You Look: Does It Really Matter? #fb

In the show “Wife Swap,” two wives switch families for two weeks — the first week living by the family’s rules and the second week setting their own rules by…

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