How to Dress Up…Beyond the Dress

When you have a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or holiday party to attend, do you spend all your energy finding the basic garment and then panic when you think about all…

Stop Slouching: 7 Steps to Better Posture

Stand Up Straight! We’ve all heard it (thanks, Mom!) and we’ve all said it to someone at some point. We’re talking, of course, about posture.

Do You Love the Handbag You Are Carrying Right Now?

Before you read this, take a good look at your handbag. Have you been carrying the same one everyday for years? Do you even “see” it anymore or do you…

Vegan Handbags: Where Style Meets Compassion #fb

Most women carry a handbag every day. Let me rephrase that. Most women carry the same handbag every day — often viewing it as purely functional. While it obviously carries…

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