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Creating a Great Wardrobe Means Being Picky #fb

The other day I did a wardrobe consultation with a client.  She had recently purchased some new clothes on her own and felt unsure about a few of her choices. …

Be Kind To Yourself #fb

Say nice things about yourself, and surround yourself with others who do the same (that is, people who say nice things about you and about themselves).

Makeup and Skin Care Products #fb

Makeup and skin care products do not last forever (nor does sunscreen). They are designed to be used up before they smell funny or change consistency. At the very least…

Inner Beauty #fb

Was it positive reinforcement (we hope!) or hurtful comments and unwanted advice that has defined your style to this point?

Vacation Packing List #fb

Have you ever left for vacation, gotten half way there and realized you left some important item sitting on the bed or kitchen counter? Use this handy Packing List (personalize…

How You Look: Does It Really Matter? #fb

In the show “Wife Swap,” two wives switch families for two weeks — the first week living by the family’s rules and the second week setting their own rules by…

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