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What’s Your Biggest Fashion Challenge?

I hear it all the time…I’d have a wardrobe I love if…  Ahhhh, the big “if.” It often keeps you stuck and frustrated. If I only had more time. If…

Be Kind To Yourself #fb

Say nice things about yourself, and surround yourself with others who do the same (that is, people who say nice things about you and about themselves).

Going shopping for clothing? #fb

Be yourself. Not your mother, your sister, your best friend…

“If your clothes could talk, what would they say about you?” #fb

Write down whatever comes to your mind first – do not censor it.

Perfect Fit! #fb

When something fits well, you look like a million (even if you only spent a few dollars!).

What are you wearing today? #fb

Why did you choose to wear the outfit you’re wearing today (e.g., it’s your favorite, it was the only thing clean, it’s the only thing that fits, you ran out…

Inner Beauty #fb

Was it positive reinforcement (we hope!) or hurtful comments and unwanted advice that has defined your style to this point?

How You Look: Does It Really Matter? #fb

In the show “Wife Swap,” two wives switch families for two weeks — the first week living by the family’s rules and the second week setting their own rules by…

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