Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered ~ The Best & Worst Spring Fashion Trends!

After a long, cold winter, spring fashion designers have a tendency to get a little crazy with floral mania, explosions of color and a variety of exposed body parts. While…

From Vegan Cookbooks to Pet Rescues… an Interview with Susan Daffron

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a busier or more diversified vegan than Susan Daffron! Want to know how to write a book (hopefully a vegan one!), then Susan is…

What ‘Bugs’ Me About Being Vegan

Bugs are not cuddly or cute (well, at least to most people they aren’t).  In fact, they are often scary or creepy looking.  Think about it.  When was the last…

Follow Your Heart #fb

Does your heart tell you to become a vegan but your fashion sense tells you it’s not possible? Guess what? It’s getting easier and easier, and the choices are amazing.

Becoming a Vegan #fb

There are two main reasons someone becomes a vegan. One is for the health benefits, of which there are many. The other is to lessen suffering. It’s a win-win!

What is Veganism? #fb

Veganism is a foreign concept to many (it was to me until 4 years ago). So what is it? It’s a philosophy of life, a way of living which seeks…

Non-Leather Fashion #fb

As the demand increases for non-leather shoes and handbags more and more beautiful, cruelty-free choices are popping up. Check this out: (I have this bag and it’s gorgeous!)

Vegan Harmony #fb

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”…

Vegan Living #fb

We can no longer ignore the impact of what we put on our plates–

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