‘Building Your Wardrobe’
Special 3-Class Bundle!

Dress for YOU!
How to Layer with Confidence
How to Choose your BEST Handbag

Body shape, layering and handbags…oh, my!

These are some of the areas of wardrobe and style that often feel either confusing, frustrating or are easy to overlook until you NEED them. But figuring out on your own how to address these wardrobe concerns can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Now you don’t have to do it alone!

While these aspects of your wardrobe won’t keep you from getting dressed, they CAN keep you from feeling great about what you’re wearing OR take up too much time trying to figure out alternatives.

For instance, you...

  • Try on something that looked good on the model or a friend, but somehow it doesn’t feel right on you.
  • Get a pretty cardigan and are excited to wear it, but you feel frumpy every time you put it on and don’t know why.
  • Carry the same handbag everywhere. Then one day you take a really good look at your handbag and realize it has seen better days OR you’re heading to a (fill in the blank… job interview, birthday celebration for a friend) and wish you had something you like better.

That’s exactly why I cover each of these topics in great detail in short, self-paced classes with LOTS of examples and explanations.

The GOOD NEWS is…the three individual classes (on body shapes, layering and handbags) are bundled together for ease AND with additional savings.

So, you can get answers to pressing questions on these topics and save money!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what you’ll learn in each of these 3 classes AND how they will transform your wardrobe and add joy when you get dressed:

Body Shape – Dress for YOU!

The focus of this program is to help you make choices that feel good to you so you can better understand, appreciate and love dressing your unique body. Once you know the tips and tools to direct focus and control emphasis for the look you desire, choosing your wardrobe becomes much easier and more fun!

  • 90-minute in-depth video that addresses the ins and outs of understanding and appreciating your body with very specific tips (and many detailed examples) on how to get creative in honoring your true body shape and playing with your delightful contours!
    • How to identify your body shape (you might be surprised!)
    • How to get in tune with what parts of your body you want to emphasize
    • What are the body shape “rules” (and how to break them!)
    • How your wardrobe choices can change your perception of your body shape
    • Where many women get stuck - and how to move forward with confidence
    • How to create your personal action plan to explore how to direct focus using the 6 most valuable wardrobe tools to create balance and proportion:
  • Body Shape Profile (pdf) with traditional suggestions for dressing and balancing your body shape.
  • A handy ‘Dress for YOU’ empowerment action plan to guide you in personalizing your favorite tips & techniques.
  • EXTRA: A short video on the benefits of using a specific diagonal line in your wardrobe choices vs. another popular style. (I shared this previously and want to be sure you have it handy.)
  • BONUS: A ‘Body Shape Analyzer’ (in the mail) This will help you determine your primary, and possibly secondary, body shape. (Only available to those in the US and Canada.)

Building Your Wardrobe: How to Layer with Confidence

Discover how to Layer over everything you can imagine from jeans to LBD’s to prints to how to wear a jean jacket and much more.

  • 40-minute comprehensive video with examples every step of the way and actionable steps to practice and refine your look.
  • A beautiful catalogue of over 100 examples of all types of layering pieces with full explanations about how to wear them (and including a section on ‘styles to avoid’).
  • Take your layering even further with ‘5 Essential Tips to Refine Your Layering Style’ and 35 additional examples.

Building Your Wardrobe: How to Choose Your BEST Handbag

With important tips, guidance, inspiration and 5 critical steps (which I explore in great detail in this program) you will feel empowered to find a handbag (or two or three…) you love. You can use this information no matter what the occasion, where you like to shop or what your preferred price point.

  • A 37-minute in-depth video that includes MANY examples as we fully explore how to choose a handbag that works for you. These are tools you can apply whether you prefer to carry a tote, shoulder bag, clutch or any other style or for any occasion.
  • A beautiful specially curated catalogue of over 100 examples of 10 different styles of handbags with full explanations about who they work best for and at a variety of price points.
  • A handy checklist to help you remember what guidelines to consider as you select YOUR best handbag.

If you prefer to read about each class separately, you’ll find that information here.

The 3 classes separately = $155.
Choose the bundle instead and you receive a 20% discount.

The materials are yours to watch and use as often, and for as long, as you want to.
The information will support you for years to come and through any season, lifestyle change or any shift in your body shape.

Please note that there is a no refund policy.

I’m Ginger Burr with a passion for empowering women to feel amazing about how they look! After more than 30 years of working with women and experiencing my own transformation prior to that (read more about this on my website (with pictures!), I’m well-acquainted both with the frustration that accompanies having a wardrobe you don't love and the delight that comes with recognizing and embracing your own personal style.

If every morning you think, "I hope people will forget what I'm wearing," it’s time for a change. In the beginning I couldn’t do it alone and you do not have to either. As one client said to me, “I’m tired of expending mental energy trying to figure out what to wear. It’s exhausting.” I can help you redirect that energy to create a wardrobe that makes your heart sing.

It's a different journey for each person. That’s why I have many ways of supporting you from my book, ‘That’s So You! Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style & Grace’ to my signature live online class, ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ to diving deeply into specific topics in this comprehensive self-paced classes. In each case, the basic elements are the same and you learn to dress with confidence without shedding pounds, sacrificing comfort or compromising who you are.