Virtual Classes

Virtual Wardrobe & Personal Style Classes

Taught Live on Zoom OR Self-Paced (see all options below)

Classes Taught Live on Zoom

Your personal style is just that…personal! That’s why I created these online classes that I teach live…so I can address your questions and help you personalize what you are learning as you are learning and practicing. See all the details below and check out the upcoming dates!

6-Week Course

Join me as I help you create your own personal style transformation…in just 6 weeks!

Take Your Closet from Chaos to Calm

In just 4 easy LIVE virtual sessions, you can finally release the pieces that aren’t working anymore (and understand why they don’t work) and feel a growing sense of relief and peace when you open your closet door.

Inner Beauty Workshop

Discover a transformational Inner and Outer Approach to Beauty that will FOREVER change the way you dress, shop for clothes, and show up in the world!

Short, Self-Paced Classes on Popular Topics

Do you need an infusion of style tips and guidelines on specific beauty, style & wardrobe topics? That’s where these classes come in on everything including makeup instruction, capsule wardrobe guidance, dressing comfy/casual, feeling confident dressing when you feel self-conscious about your tummy and understanding your body shape. Check out all the offerings here and enjoy!

Dress for You!

A 90-minute self-paced program. Create your own ‘Dream Look’ action plan to accentuate your favorite features and delight in dressing your unique body shape.

Instructional Makeup Video

This 30-minute instructional makeup video is like having me sitting there with you as you do your makeup. You can stop worrying about doing it right because I will show you exactly how to apply each step.

Tried and True Tips for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

In this special 1-hour seminar I share my expertise in helping women identify and navigate the exciting world of capsule wardrobe dressing!

The Art of Dressing Over-40

Learn the dress to impress strategy to minimize your tummy so you feel comfortable, confident & pulled-together every time you get dressed.

COLOR Matters

This 20-page color e-book will help you begin to explore colors that make you sparkle!

How to Look & Feel Comfy, Casual & Confident!

If you are tired of feeling out of sorts when you get dressed but don’t know how to do something different, then watch this video for fresh inspiration and valuable styling tips.

“I had a great time at the Totally You workshop. The whole exercise was fun and quite the eye-opener for me...I just never realized how much we communicate of ourselves to perfect strangers both explicitly and subconsciously through how we dress and how dressing in harmony with your personality makes you look good. It’s such a simple yet powerful concept. I always thought body shape and size determine what kind of styles/clothes look good on people and I never understood why some clothes look so wrong on me. Now it makes so much sense!”

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