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Virtual Style Classes: Live Courses & Self-Paced Classes

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3 Transformational Classes Taught *LIVE* on Zoom

Do you prefer to learn with expert guidance, personal support and answers in real time? That’s what these LIVE classes provide — in-depth, comprehensive, transformational personal style programs WITH me right there to answer your questions and personalize your experience! See all the details below and check out the upcoming dates!

If you are tired of trying to figure out on your own why an outfit isn’t working and how to fix it or would love support in creating a wardrobe that truly fits your lifestyle and personality, this 6-week class (taught LIVE on Zoom) will help. I have identified the areas where women struggle with their wardrobe ( finding their personal style, choosing prints, adding accessories, creating a solid foundation and figuring out shoes!) and provide an entire class with LOTS of examples on each of those topics. Join me as I help you create your own personal style transformation…in just 6 weeks! $369

In just 4 easy LIVE virtual sessions, you can finally release the pieces that aren’t working anymore (and understand why they don’t work) and feel a growing sense of relief and peace when you open your closet door. This is a very small (limited to 8) LIVE class and I’m there to answer your questions when you get stuck about whether to keep or get rid of something in your closet. $247

Who you are in your heart and soul…at your deepest essence…is what drives your personal wardrobe style. In this powerful virtual workshop, you will discover a transformational Inner and outer Approach to Beauty that will FOREVER change the way you dress, shop for clothes, and show up in the world! By the end of the workshop, you will have 4 words or phrases that describe who you are and what makes you unique! You can then use these words to guide your wardrobe choices so you know whether something truly reflects who you are or not! I’ll show you how in this workshop! Limited to 3 participants – $169


Short, Self-Paced Classes on Popular Topics

Do you need an infusion of style tips and guidelines on specific beauty, makeup, style & wardrobe topics? That’s where these classes come in on everything including makeup instruction, capsule wardrobe guidance, dressing comfy/casual, feeling confident dressing when you feel self-conscious about your tummy and understanding your body shape. If you prefer short pops of information on specific topics with lots of visual examples and guidance, these are the perfect way to make long lasting changes to your wardrobe and style from the comfort of your own home. Check out all the offerings here and enjoy! (Note: All of the classes have the option to turn on closed captioning.)

This 30-minute instructional makeup video is like having me sitting there with you as you do your makeup. You can stop worrying about doing it right because I will show you exactly how to apply each step in great, up-close detail. Use the coupon to receive $10 off!

This 75-minute in-depth class not only shows you how to tie a scarf (more than 6 different ways and each one shown multiple times so you can practice along), but it identifies which size, shape and fabric of scarves works best with each scarf tie. With this class you can take your scarf tying skills to the next level and have fun doing it! You won’t believe how your outfits transform with the newly discovered beauty of your scarves! $39

Choose the bundle (3 classes: Layering, Choosing a Handbag and working with your Body Shape) and you receive a 20% discount. Click the photo above to learn more! $124

A 90-minute self-paced program. Create your own ‘Dream Look’ action plan to accentuate your favorite features and delight in dressing your unique body shape. This class shows you how to work with your body from identifying and working with traditional body shapes to using details like color, lines, sleeves and necklines to play with your body shape and create balance and harmony. $89

Do you see other people wearing two prints together and wonder how they pull it off? The good news is there’s no secret to it – just a few important guidelines to help you mix your prints with confidence and flair! In this 1-hour video I share the exact formula to help you know how to mix prints like a pro. Not only will you receive the step-by-step process, but you’ll also see many examples to inspire and support you so you can have fun and feel excited about a new way to wear clothing in your closet! $29

If you’ve ever added a jacket or sweater and felt like it totally ruined a look, this class can change that forever! Discover how to layer over EVERYTHING you can imagine from jeans to LBD’s to prints to how to wear a jean jacket and much more. $39

You carry your handbag everywhere so why not have it feel beautiful and fun to carry! In this class, I share 5 critical steps with important tips, a wide variety of inspiration and tons of examples so you feel empowered and excited to find a handbag (or two or three…) you love. $27

With 2 hours of video guidance, I share my expertise step-by-step to help you identify and navigate the exciting world of using a small number of clothes to create a versatile, mix and match wardrobe. You’ll receive a handy checklist and handout so you can easily manage your progress and ultimately get dressed in under 2 minutes! This is the magic of capsule wardrobe dressing! $39

As we get older we sometimes feel like our waist has disappeared and our tummy has taken over so nothing we used to wear feels right anymore. In this in-depth class, you will learn a variety of techniques in the ‘Art of Dressing Over 40’ strategy to minimize your tummy so you feel comfortable, confident & pulled-together every time you get dressed. Only $63.05 (with coupon–click on photo above to get the coupon)

This 20-page color e-book will help you begin to explore colors that make you sparkle! $7

If comfort is critical to you (especially during the colder months), but everything you try feels messy or frumpy, this class will help. The good news is that you can feel comfy and cozy no matter what you are wearing. It’s simply a matter of knowing what to choose and how to put together outfits that look good without sacrificing comfort! Watch this special class for lots of fresh inspiration and valuable styling tips. $19

I just wanted to say thank you for your last newsletter. I have been shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding in early June, plus a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner. I had found one out of two, but really have had some difficulty finding another dress that I love. I’ve found plenty that I could tolerate, but nothing that made my heart sing. Until … the peach print jersey dress from Nordstrom that you pictured – I ordered it and voila! It fits, feels and looks great! I think next I might have to try the shoes from Zappos that you also featured. 

I love the fact that so many dresses this year are made to flatter the less than perfect body, and have wider straps at the shoulders or semi-cap sleeves, which are much more flattering to those of us over age 25. And, the dress length is longer than pictured – it falls right at the bottom of the kneecap, so is a good length for many of us. Thanks for your help!

Edith Meserve