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COLOR Matters

Start Your Personal Color Journey Here!

The colors you put on your body affect how you look and feel. Here’s what Sue Baust shares about her experience with color: “When I wear colors that look good on me, I am totally amazed—it feels like I have come out of hiding and I am sparkling.

This e-book will help you begin to explore colors that make you sparkle, too!

Do you:

  • Stare in your closet and see a sea of colors and feel overwhelmed?
  • Spend too much time trying to figure out if a color looks good you rather than KNOWING?
  • Try to make outfits in your wardrobe but somehow the colors don’t look good together?
  • Worry that you were talked into colors that are popular but aren’t your best?
  • Wish your wardrobe would mix and match more easily?

Pick up your copy of the 20-page ‘Color Matters’ e-book to help you choose clothing in colors that look beautiful on you!

  • See examples of 14 color palettes and the women (in a variety of skin tones and hair colors) they work best on. Find the closest one to your natural coloring.
  • Watch a special video (on page 3 of the e-book) that shares universally flattering colors AND tricky colors you’ll want to avoid.
  • Learn 5 helpful color tips that will change the way you approach color.

As you begin to refine the colors that look best on you, you can have the same experience that Carol Takvorian has: “It’s interesting how when you buy clothes in your colors that suddenly you can start mixing items you bought on separate occasions together. It’s incredible! Thank you.

Get your ‘COLOR Matters’ e-book HERE and begin your color journey for just $7.