The fire and the drive in your spirit, in your personality, in your goals and dreams are ignited and amplified when the clothes you wear reflect them.

People treat you completely differently because they are able to perceive YOU in a completely different way when your clothes, not only fit, but fit who you are.

Yes, your body has changed. That doesn’t mean that you (or your desire to make an impact) have.

Dress to impress (yourself!), flattering the figure you have right now, and experience the difference in how you feel and in how others perceive you.

Defining your personal style and pulling it off doesn’t have to be hard.

But there are things you’re likely going to have to learn and things you have to

  • How to buy pieces that complete entire outfits, rather than buying separates that don’t go with anything (that you bought because they were on sale...and for no other reason)
  • How to make choices that reflect who you are so you end up with clothes that give people a deeply authentic sense of who you are before you even say anything
  • How to buy colors that complement your coloring (hair, eyes, skin tone) AND your personality so that when you walk through the store, the clothes you try on feel great even when you get home
  • How to pare down your closet so that getting dressed in the morning is a stress-free and even happy experience
  • How to create a capsule wardrobe that consists of key pieces that you can interchange easily, creating a bigger, more versatile wardrobe on a smaller budget

And so much more. But don’t worry.

Unlearning the not-so-beneficial habits like:

  • Buy clothes that felt fine in the store, but made you want to cry when you got them home
  • Pick out separate after separate without thinking about what you’d pair them with to look great
  • End up with colors or patterns that detract from your overall presentation of who you are, leaving you feeling less excited and empowered than you want to and deserve to
  • Overspend on creating a wardrobe of chaos rather than confidence
  • Settle for clothes that you know don’t make you look and feel like a million dollars but you don’t know what else to get, so you “make do”

Feeling confident, put together, like you can tackle the world is important. Because how you feel in your clothes affects how you show up in the world and respond to others, as well.

“Ginger helped me relax my definition of what it means to dress professionally and opened up a whole new world of options.”
Scientific studies show that our clothes impact our performance and as a professional woman, if you’re not dressing in a way that is empowering, you’ll have to work harder to make that impact you want to make.

Colors that wash you out or conflict too strongly with your natural coloring create distraction between the you you are and the you you want to be.

When you choose an outfit by default or make do with clothes that don't compliment your body shape or reflect who you are on the inside, you create a dissonance that others perceive as incompetence.

That sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

Think about the people you encounter on a daily basis. What are your unspoken thoughts and emotions about their abilities when you see people who don’t dress in a way that feels put together?

There’s a lack of confidence in their abilities.

Even if you know them and know the work they do.

That same doubt is cast on you when people come into contact with you.

Yet, if you wear clothes that create resonance with who you are, you not only FEEL good, you present yourself in a powerful way and project self-confidence Which, by the way, helps people to take you and what you have to say seriously.

It’s just psychology.


I can hear the frustration now:

  • I’ve always worn (insert favorite go-to that doesn’t support you)...what do I do now?
  • I’ve tried to find clothes that feel good and fit well...I just can’t.
  • I really don’t want to invest a ton of money into a brand new wardrobe when I have a closet full of clothes already.
  • I’ve tried everything, different colors, different styles, different cuts...I have no idea how to mix and match them and nothing makes me feel like I think they should make me feel.

That’s okay.

One thing at the time...