The Dress to Impress--Yourself course was created for women, like you, who are ready for a change; women who deserve to feel vibrant and pulled-together in their clothes, and who want to learn how to rekindle (or discover for the first time) the joy of getting dressed and feeling great about how they look.

Increase your closet confidence in 30 days (or less) and feel good about what you wear...every day!

  • Does getting dressed feel like the most stressful part of your day, leaving you drained before the day has begun, with the worst part being that the exhaustion definitely wasn’t worth the outfit you chose?
  • Do you feel like you have wasted so much money, time, and energy on creating a wardrobe that misses the mark, but you don't know why it's not right. And you definitely don't know how to fix it (and spending more money on it doesn't feel like the answer unless you have more guidance and support)?
  • Has your body changed (and not in a way you like)? You've gained weight, you now have a tummy where your waist used to be or your feet hurt all the time. Nothing you used to wear looks good anymore and everything you try feels frumpy. You're frustrated and discouraged and don't know how to change it!
  • Or perhaps you feel frumpy and struggle with what to wear as you get older in order to feel vibrant and youthful.
  • Maybe you're tired of trying something on in the store only to get it home and wonder why you bought it!

If you're tired of feeling frustrated and are ready to say good-bye to your wardrobe're in the right place!


Going shopping and feeling empowered to make choices that suit your body type, support your personal preferences and allow you to express your unique personality.

“Ginger’s approach is not just about finding the right dress or slacks or pair of earrings (though that is a big part of it). It is about learning how to present ourselves to the world in a manner that reflects who we truly are on the inside. It was in many respects a brief journey of self-discovery, but one with a very practical application: by simply assessing clothing, jewelry, accessories based on how accurately they reflect my “inner beauty” words, I am now able to easily purchase items and put together outfits that make me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

~ Prema Popat


The peace of mind that comes with opening your closet every day and having every choice be a fabulous choice of what to wear (yes, it is possible!).

“Every day for decades, I have dreaded going into my closet to find something to wear. Then, I met Ginger Burr. I have had so much fun learning from her and in so doing, learning about myself. Her vast wisdom of how to buy clothing that is ideal for me means I am now excited to get dressed and accessorize every single day. Ginger is an absolute genius!”

~ Sharon Sweeney

If you would rather wake up knowing where the day will take you and what you’ll wear as you do it, the Dress to Impress Yourself course will help you learn to find the perfect outfit to match your day and the day after that and the day after that. In other words, what you will learn will serve you for a lifetime.

Imagine using those extra few minutes you save each day to savor your favorite morning rituals, enjoy some restorative peace before the day begins or spend time getting important things done.

“My eyes were opened to the many ways I could improve the way I stepped out to the world and at the same time make it easier, more fun and likely less expensive to dress myself so I now feel confident about my wardrobe choices! I can quickly zero in on what I need, then choose colors, styles and accessories that are not only the very best for me but help me sparkle when I wear them.”

~ Mary Jo Bouman

Instead of a massive closet of untouched clothing to struggle through, you can have exactly the right number of pieces tailored to your personal style that flatter your body like they were made just for you.

Imagine how amazing that will feel!


to reach into your closet and pull out something you love to wear every single time!

Let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you felt good about what you were wearing and how you looked?

The steps I teach in the Dress to Impress Yourself course help you create a wardrobe with greater confidence and ease so you feel empowered every step of the way.

Here's what you'll learn. How to:

  • Identify colors that will have people complimenting you because you glow.
  • Camouflage your tummy so you don't feel frumpy.
  • Feel polished and professional AND vibrant and comfortable all at the same time.
  • Know (with confidence) what questions to ask yourself to determined (with confidence) whether to keep something in your closet and make an outfit or let it go
  • Select shoes that enhance an outfit without sacrificing comfort.
  • Feel like YOU in everything you wear.
  • Shop confidently and productively because you'll have tools for making choices you love.
  • Feel confident matching jewelry with your outfit in a way that feels authentic and beautiful.
  • And so much more...

I know from talking with many women over the years that sometimes walking into a clothing boutique, department store, or the TJ Maxx near you can be absolute sensory overload. The bright lighting and the mishmash of styles on every rack is not easy to navigate, and can make your eyes glaze over.

Shopping shouldn't be this hard and energy-draining and, for that matter, neither should getting dressed every morning. You've got better things to do with your time and better ways to begin your day.

Dress to Impress Yourself Course

(valued at $6,499)
Pay in Full - $897
Installment Plan - 4 payments of $247

Here is a taste of what you will receive in the course

Module 1: Set Yourself Up for Success

An introduction to the course’s format, and everything you will need to know to be successful in the ‘Dress to Impress--Yourself’ Course...including a solution to the #1 thing that will keep you stuck in a fashion rut forever!

  • Put your mind at ease: Important steps to overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Feel inspired about what to wear: Say bye-bye to old habits that keep you stuck
  • Now you know! 3 things that MUST change before you dive into your wardrobe

» When you practice these steps first you set yourself up for great success!

Module 2: Express Yourself Authentically

This module dives deeply into accessing who you are on the inside so you can learn how to make wardrobe selections that truly resonate with your heart and soul. Psst...this is the key to unlocking your dream wardrobe.

  • Feel authentically YOU in everything you wear: make sure your clothes say what you want them to say
  • No more guessing! Learn to let who you are guide your choices so you LOVE everything you wear
  • Get inspired. Watch and rewatch the video that shows you how to reflect your authentic self through your wardrobe
  • Dress with ease and confidence when you let your inner beauty words guide you (don't worry, I show you how)

» Bottom line:Discover what makes you different from everyone else and special in your own way and feel the harmony and peace that envelops you when you reflect that in your wardrobe.

Module 3: Tame Your Closet

  • Find things easily in your closet: Handy closet taming tips and tricks revealed
  • A step-by-step video to organize your closet.
  • Learn WHY you don't wear it: Discover why things work or don't work for you so you can let them go OR wear them with confidence
  • No more shopping in desperation: Be ready for any occasion
  • Don't go shopping without it: Keep this invaluable outfit evaluation form ready

» Important: Don’t let this step mystify and overwhelm you. Learn how to maximize your efforts for ultimate results and success (not to mention joy and ease!).

Module 4: Real Life Fashion Advice

  • Experience the advice I share with my private clients: 12+ exclusive wardrobe trainings curated from my 30 years in the fashion industry
  • Refine your colors: a powerful e-book that helps you identify colors that will make you look radiant!
  • No more boring outfits: Learn how to add visual interest to an outfit
  • Balance your wardrobe with flattering prints
  • Dress to look slimmer and taller with these key steps
  • Mix and match magic! Learn the fundamentals to create your own “capsule” wardrobe

» AND exclusive how-to videos and articles on horizontal stripes, cardigans, camouflaging body parts and so much more

Module 5: Shop with Joy & Ease

  • Watch your anxiety melt away as you learn the step-by-step system to shop successfully (includes videos and checklists)
  • Learn how to navigate a store with confidence
  • Phew! Shopping don'ts - 5 common shopping mistakes to avoid
  • In the dressing room with Ginger: This module will give you the tools you need to know when try something on and when to ignore it
  • Dynamite distinction: Feel your self-confidence grow as you use these tools to know if something works or doesn’t

» Bottom line: Stop wandering around the stores feeling overwhelmed & frustrated! 
You’ll have a plan & support if you get stuck!

Module 6: Accessorize Like a Pro

  • Ignite the power of accessories
  • 3 pressing jewelry questions answered
  • The only scarf ties you'll ever need to know: 4 step-by-step videos
  • A quick fix: The real reason you don’t wear your jewelry and how to change it
  • Jewelry clean-out challenge: How to know whether to keep it or let it go?
  • Double your wardrobe self-confidence with these 2 Powerful Fashion Secrets

» Also...check out the Bonus content below!

Bonus Module: Master Your Makeup

  • Makeup secrets revealed: 30-minute instructional makeup video up-close and personal!
  • Create a natural look that makes you glow
  • Learn to do your makeup in 5 minutes

» As Lisa says, “Wow! The makeup video is excellent! It is definitely the most comprehensive makeup video (maybe the only 100% comprehensive one) I have ever watched.”

What people are saying…

There are approximately 45 lessons in the Dress to Impress Yourself course and you will receive them all immediately upon registration so you can begin your personal transformation right away. I also strongly encourage to go through the lessons in order. They were created this way specifically to give you the information you need to move you closer to your goal of a wardrobe and personal style you love. And, the lessons are yours to keep and review as often as you’d like to.

Please note: You will receive an email with registration information that you must fill out to gain access. If you do not receive it right away, look in your spam or promotions folder or contact Kim, my tech assistant, at and she will help you.

How to ‘Super Power’ your experience: 2 Options

As a member of the Dress to Impress Yourself course you have two options of personalizing your experience:

Option 1: You will have a community of women and my input at your fingertips for 1 full year by joining the ‘secret’ Facebook group (the year begins when you register for the course). Women are using it to get amazing results personalizing what they learn in the course and you can, too.

  • This feature is the biggest way to exponentially increase the results you get in this program because it allows you to ask very specific questions and personalize the lessons in a powerful way.
  • As a community we, including myself, pop into this group regularly to offer support, feedback and guidance to each other in regards to big changes you’re making in your wardrobe and personal style.

You will receive the link to join the Facebook group in your welcome email and if you have any trouble joining, please let me know. The Facebook group is ‘secret’ so only the women in the group itself can see any of the posts. We take each lesson to a new level in the Facebook group through specific discussions and you can ask any questions you want to there.

Option 2: If you do not use Facebook, you can choose to have a 30-minute private video call with me to answer your questions directly. (I use this with my private one-on-one clients all the time and it's very effective.) Please note: you must schedule this call within the first 60 days of registering for the course. If you prefer this option, simply email me to let me know and set up your time.

1 Full Year Access to this Private Group or 30 Min. Call with Me

The best part is that you get access to the Facebook group for 1 full year so that even 6 months or more from now if you’re wondering how an outfit is working or whether it’s time to get rid of something, you can reach out in the group and get support.

I like to provide lots of value and support as you begin creating a wardrobe with intention and joy and this is just one more way to do it with a personal touch. I address every question that comes into the group!

We take each lesson to a new level in the Facebook group through specific discussions and you can ask any questions you want to there. I like to provide lots of value and support as you begin creating a wardrobe with intention and joy and this is just one more way to do it. I address every question that comes into the group!

Through the ‘Dress to Impress–Yourself’ course, you will be equipped with the knowledge to make the right choices for your body, lifestyle and personal preferences with greater success and less effort.

And, as you know, if you don't want to be part of the Facebook group, you can set up a 30 minute video call (or two 15 minute calls) with me to answer your questions directly. This must take place within the first 60 days of having the course.

Order Today and you'll receive these bonuses valued at $2,000+


Ask Questions & Personalize Your Results -- ($997+ Value)
Receive personalized support anytime you want for one full year in the 'secret' Facebook group (only the women in the group itself can see any of the posts). As Jen from Switzerland says, "I'm starting to feel like you're my personal stylist!"


16 EXTRA Lessons — ($397 value!)

  • You must know this in order to accessorize well
  • Smooth or Texture — which is right for you?
  • Surefire Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shoes
  • 5 Easy Guidelines for Camouflaging Your Tummy
  • 3 Easy Steps Take this Outfit from Blah to Beautiful
  • And so many more in-depth topics!


"Who Taught You How to Dress" Digital ($497 value!)
Your guide to undressing old beliefs, recognizing your inner beauty and creating a fashion statement that is truly your own. Working from the inside out, this program will change the way you feel about getting dressed every day and make shopping for your wardrobe more fun...forever.

Dress to Impress Yourself Course

(valued at $6,499)
Pay in Full - $897
Installment Plan - 4 payments of $247
Is this course for you? It is if you are...
  • Tired of expending so much mental energy just trying to get dressed and still don't always feel good about your choices.
  • Unsure about how to dress for your body (things have shifted!) and you want to feel confident when you walk out the door in the morning.
  • Ready (and excited) to honor your professional power in your clothing in a way that feels truly authentic.
  • Feel like you want to refine your style and be true to who you are and feel you would benefit from a skilled set of eyes to help you convey the impression you want to make.
  • Want to stop guessing about what works and feel you are at a point where getting more clarity will add an element of simplicity to your busy life.

The ‘Dress to Impress--Yourself’ course can help you make those desires a reality – this is exactly why I created it! This is not a one and done type thing. You will use what you learn over and over every time you shop and every day when you get dressed!

Gone are the days of apprehension and frustration —

  • No more...leaving tags on clothing because they just don’t seem so ‘you’ when you’re alone in front of the mirror!
  • No more...feeling good about only part of your outfit but not knowing how to complete it so you love wearing it!
  • No more...finding a piece you love that sits in your closet because you cannot figure out how to complete the outfit!
  • No more...getting home and wondering what possessed you to buy something even though you thought you liked it at the store!
Your dream wardrobe is out there. You just haven’t learned how to identify it yet, but all that is about to change...

All of the lessons in the Dress to Impress--Yourself course are designed to provide you with valuable insights and answers to your most pressing questions so when you get dressed or shop for clothing you can make choices with newfound ease and confidence – and when new questions arise you can hop into the Facebook group and ask for personalized assistance. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Now you can make choices that feel great to you and change your relationship with your wardrobe forever. Imagine how that will feel…

“After treatment for breast cancer that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation I looked into my closet and knew that everything had to go. I had been changed and needed clothes to express the person I had become. I started trying on things I never would have considered previously and saw everything in a new light. Ginger taught me how to focus in on what works best for me so I can build a wardrobe of clothes that reflect me and make me feel fabulous every day!”

~ Laura Craig-Bray

Dress to Impress Yourself Course

(valued at $6,499)
Pay in Full - $897
Installment Plan - 4 payments of $247

If you want results like Prema, Sharon, Laura and Mary Jo, it won’t happen by trying to figure it out on your own. “Trying to figure it out” on your own only leads to more stress, wasted time and a heartbreaking feeling of discouragement.

Instead use my 30 years of experience to empower and support your transformation. Not only do you get all of the course lessons AND all of the bonuses listed here, but you get a lot of hand holding by me in the Facebook group. As Jen from Switzerland says, “I’m starting to feel like you’re my personal stylist!” and Caryn Ginsberg also shares, “This is amazing. So much more detail than I had expected.”

That can be your experience as well!

Would it surprise you to know that I haven not always looked great and felt great about how I looked? I wish I had, but, perhaps like you, I struggled with this for many years.

As you can see in these photos of me from the 1980’s I was trying desperately to figure out how I wanted to express myself. I wanted to be cool. I wanted to fit in with the folk dancing and earthy-crunchy crowd where I lived. I can smile at these photos now, but I know that at the time I never felt like I was expressing who I am.

A lot has changed since then!

Now I feel great every time I get dressed and if I don’t feel great I know how to fix it. I’ve learned to say no to those who want me to fit into their definition of beauty and I now feel self-confident in how I show up in the world.

But, I will never forget how it felt to feel frustrated, discouraged and self-conscious about how I looked. And, it’s also why I have been able to help so many women who struggle with the same issues—I’ve been there myself.

Over the past 30 years I have a created a tried and true system for building a wardrobe and personal style that makes your heart sing and you deserve to have that feeling every day. My program guides you through each step of this journey and gives you access to me for when a new question arises or you feel stuck.

You can begin immediately to get answers and relief!

Dress to Impress Yourself Course

(valued at $6,499)
Pay in Full - $897
Installment Plan - 4 payments of $247

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you and I’m with you. Even though I have a career in fashion, I do not want to spend all my available time shopping or organizing my closet either. Like you, I have lots of other interests and important things to do. The good news is that once you practice what you learn in the course it will take much less time to shop or get dressed because you’ll have the tools to make great choices. You’ll also spend less time worrying about how you look or what you are going to wear to a particular event AND that feeling of peace is priceless! And, if you get stuck, simply hop on the Facebook group and ask a question. As Lisa shares, “I’ve agonized over the pink dress issue for weeks, and if I had just posted in the group sooner I would have saved myself so much aggravation!” With what you’ll learn in this program you’ll spend less time, not more and the time you do spend creating your wardrobe will be more enjoyable.

You can have any budget you want and have success. I once worked with a student whose shopping budget was $300. When I asked her how many pieces she wanted to get for the $300, she said 10. Together we decided where to go and what she needed to get and we did it all within her budget. And, she looked great. Also, if you look on the makeover page on my website you’ll see some of the women wearing clothes from Dress Barn (and even from their own closets once they understood how to make them work). It’s not about where you shop or how much money you have, it’s about the choices you make. And, you can make great choices at any budget.

The nice thing about this program is that you can do it at whatever pace feels comfortable to you. Even if you get busy and can’t study it for a while, it will be there when you come back and you can pick up where you left off or review what you’ve already worked on. And the private Facebook group is available to you for 1 full year for whenever you need support and guidance.

This program is for doers -- women who are committed to taking action. If you do all the work, are active in the Facebook group asking questions for clarification and don’t get results I’ll make it right. But if you sign up and don’t do any of the exercises or get help from me in the Facebook group then that’s on you. See the full refund policy HERE.

Probably not. You have to practice what you are learning both in your closet with what you already own and in the stores. What it will do is give you guidance and steps to take so you get results rather than feeling totally overwhelmed and discouraged. But, if you prefer to have someone work with you one-on-one, then I recommend looking at my private programs instead (I work with private clients all over the world). You can learn more here and set up a time to talk to me and explore the possibilities if that’s helpful.

Yes! While the majority of my clients are women over 40 (because they are often going through lifestyle changes or there body has changed and they feel frustrated with their wardrobe), I do have clients under 40 as well. That’s because the step-by-step system that I share works for everyone and allows you to learn how to add your personal touches no matter what your age.

I asked myself the same thing years ago before I found the support I needed. I spent years feel frustrated and wasting money on things I never wore. I suspect that the reason you are here is that you are experiencing that same sense of discouragement and overwhelm. In this course I share all I’ve learned AND you have access to me through the private Facebook group to get answers to the questions that have been plaguing your for years. As my client, Sage, shares, “Ginger’s work has finally answered my questions about fashion and clothing I have had since 7th grade.” So, in a way you have figured this out by finding this course.

Yes, absolutely! In the course I walk you through all the steps I teach my private clients about creating a wardrobe they love so you can practice and fine tune what you are learning. Plus, you still get all the other bonuses listed above which add massive value to the course itself. And, if within your first year with the course you do join Facebook, you are welcome to become part of the secret Facebook group then.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

I stand by this program and the power it has to completely alter your relationship to your wardrobe when you fully participate in the assignments. If you do the work and are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back within the first 14 Days.

To receive a refund you will need to show that you:

  • Did the homework assignments in each module
  • Joined and participated in the Facebook group
  • Have a brief conversation by phone with me (no pressure—this is just to explore and see how I can help)

See full terms of service/refund policy here.