Crystal Bowl Healing

Release Wardrobe and Body Image Blocks While Vibrating Your Uniqueness into Your Closet

Crystal Bowl Healing

3 Bow Street (off Mass. Ave.), Lexington
Led by Laura Hackel
14 spaces available

Possibilities…you enter this life with so many of them. But then, somewhere along the way, you seem to have fewer and fewer of them.

The same can be true for your wardrobe. Your closet holds the same old, same old well-worn clothes that don’t light you up. Where did all the possibilities for your wardrobe go? They still exist, but beliefs, ideas and patterns acquired over a lifetime tend to bury them.

A Crystal Bowl Healing works to quickly shift your vibrational energy field and release whatever is limiting you.

Perhaps you hold the belief that you:

  • Don’t have any fashion sense
  • You need to be a certain weight to have a fabulous wardrobe
  • It’s too hard or expensive to find clothes that you love
  • You don’t have enough time to find the right outfits
  • That you aren’t ready for the real you to be seen in the world
  • Or, maybe it’s something not at all related to your wardrobe…that’s fine, too

Whatever it is for you (including if you may not even be aware of it), the vibration of the crystal bowls are so high that they gently vibrate out whatever is holding you back. As you sit or lay in a meditative state, Laura plays the bowls, allowing the beautiful sounds and vibrations to work their magic in your energy field. The bowls play differently each time, affected by the energy in the room and what is needed to help you release old patterns and beliefs.

By the end of the session, you will be ready for the new possibilities that are about to walk right into your closet!

The crystal bowls are for you if you are:

  • stuck in any area that doesn’t allow you to find and wear clothes you LOVE,
  • wanting to experience more out of life but aren’t sure how,
  • experiencing self- sabotaging patterns,
  • wanting to make a change (of any kind) in life, but you aren’t sure how,

Come, join us on TBD and discover the power of intentionally releasing and being open to what the universe is calling for you to bring into your life!

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat if you have one and a blanket (I have plenty of pillows) and anything else you need to be cozy and relaxed for the session.

*If you are currently a private client you can attend for at no charge as long as space is available. Email Ginger to reserve your spot.

3 Bow Street, Lexington (right off Mass Ave)
It’s a big brown shingled building with green trim
The workshop space is on the first door on the right on the first floor.

Parking: There is plenty of parking behind and some on the side as well.

Cancellation Policy: Because there are limited spaces in the Crystal Bowl Healing session all payments are non-refundable. The only exception is if someone takes your place, but no guarantees are made that this will happen.

 * * *

Laura Hackel is a vibrational energy healer and artist, wife, mother of three, bestselling author, and bringer of light to this planet. Laura works her magic to help you raise your vibration and live the life you want with the help of Crystal Bowls.  As you lay down and relax, she coaxes beautiful sounds from the bowls that vibrate at the exact frequency you need to first release what it blocking you and then allow in the energy of what you desire.  The vibration of the Crystal Bowls combined with Crystals, Angels and Healers and Healing Energies from many realms, is a powerful experience. Learn more at

“I LOVE my Fashion Fit Formula. Shortly after my appointment with you, I pulled two tops out of my Goodwill bag, got them properly tailored and now they are back in active rotation. One of them had originally been long-sleeved, but the sleeves had shrunk in the wash to an awkward length. The other was a peasant-style blouse in a gorgeous color and print that I never wore because it made me look dumpy. I had the sleeves for both blouses altered to the correct 3/4 length and I am so happy with the results! I think every woman has a few items in her closet that she really wants to love but can't figure out why they just don't work for her. The right tailoring makes all the difference in the world! ”

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