3 Steps to Choosing Textures and Prints with Confidence

Wednesday, November 2 – 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Catherine Hinds Esthetics Institute, Woburn

Do you wear mostly plain solid colors because you don’t know what else looks good on you? Do you buy prints and textures but are unsure if they are the best choices? Or, do you shake your head with bewilderment, buy something to try and hope for the best?

How do you solve this puzzle of adding prints and texture to your wardrobe?

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If trying to figure that out makes your head spin, this very special seminar will clear it up once and for all!

3 Steps to Choosing Textures and Prints with Confidence

Wednesday, November 2
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Catherine Hinds Esthetics Institute, Woburn
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By the time you leave you will know:

  • Whether you should wear smooth fabrics, those with texture or both.
  • What clues your body is giving you about how much or little texture you can wear.
  • What your ‘visual weight’ is (hint, it has nothing to do with your actual weight) and how that affects what you wear?
  • What happens if you wear the opposite of what looks best on you?

It will help you look at the clothes in your closet and understand better why you love one garment but have always felt out of sorts when wearing another. You will come away with new insights that will change the way you shop and get dressed forever.

Come with an open mind, a sense of adventure and feel free to bring a couple of prints or textures from your closet that you are wondering about. We’ll answer that question once and for all!

Stop guessing and find out for sure on November 2nd whether you look best in solids, prints or texture. Register HERE.

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