2018 Accessory Style Swap

2018 Accessory Style Swap
Wednesday, April 11 – 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Catherine Hinds Esthetics Institute
300 Wildwood Ave., Woburn, MA

This is one of the hottest events I offer and it has now been nearly 2 years since the last one. Not to mention that a number of my private clients have given me accessories to bring to the swap so I already have a number of things waiting for you!

You won’t believe the goodies you can find. While I was shopping with a client one day, she tried something on and said, “This dress would go great with that beautiful necklace I got at the last accessory swap.” So far, everyone has gone home with at least one thing (and often many things) they love!

And, I am there to help you make great choices and show you why one thing works well vs. another item that doesn’t.

When was the last time you looked through all your accessories?

  • Do you wear all of them or are some sitting there waiting for the right outfit or occasion?
  • Do you get dressed in a hurry and find yourself automatically reaching for the same pieces day after day?
  • Do you have an entire collection of jewelry, scarves and handbags that are rarely, if ever, worn?

Wearing the same thing a lot is not a terrible thing if you LOVE what you’re wearing – although it can get a little boring after a while. One thing is for sure…those unworn items take up valuable real estate!

Special Invitation: If you have a closet or drawer full of jewelry, scarves and handbags you’re not using (either because they don’t fit, the color isn’t good, they don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe, they were a gift and it was never really “you,” etc.) items that are taking up space or burying things you would like to wear, then…

Come to the annual “Accessory Style Swap.”

What’s an “Accessory Style Swap?” It’s an opportunity to bring jewelry, scarves and handbags in great condition that you no longer wear and swap them for something someone else brings – something you love and will wear.

What are the advantages of doing this?

  • It’s a fun way to do your Spring closet cleaning (and a little shopping!) now.
  • It’s an opportunity to try something you might not otherwise try on.
  • It’s the best form of recycling and good for the environment.
  • Your new “finds” cost you nothing!
  • You will get Ginger’s guidance to help you make good decisions (no sense trading one unwearable for another).
  • It’s fun!

Anything left over will be donated that evening to a charity (unless you prefer to take your contributions back with you).

Very important: Please only bring items that are in excellent condition. Everyone who attends must bring at least 5-10 accessories (scarves, jewelry or handbags) with you so that there is plenty of choices for everyone.

Fashion tip to help you get the most out of the evening: Wear an outfit you’d like to accessorize. It’s the easiest way to see if something really works for you.

This is sure to be a great girly-girl evening filled with fashion, fun and great finds. Invite a friend to come with you and double the fun! Can’t wait to see you there.

“It was by far the most painless case of selecting new eyeglass frames since I became an adult. Your presence and help me gave me soooo much security.”

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