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How to Layer a Jacket or Cardigan Over Your Favorite Outfit

(and Still Feel Pulled-Together and Stylish)

Be ready for any event with the perfect layering piece for every outfit by using the
‘Top 10 Things to Consider When Adding a Layer’

Layering is a wardrobe fact of life! How you add a layer can depend on the time of year, changeable weather, hormonal fluctuations or because you are in and out of air conditioning. No matter what the reason, you want to feel confident adding a layer to an outfit.

How many times have you put on an outfit and then realized you need something to wear over it only to discover that everything you try over it doesn’t look right or makes you feel frumpy?

One of most common layering suggestions (I’m sure you’ve heard it many times) is: throw a jean jacket over it.

But does that always work? No!

Before you decide if a jean jacket is your go-to layering piece,
you want to consider these 5 things:

  • What style jean jacket?
  • What wash of denim is best?
  • What if it’s hot outside and denim feels too heavy?
  • Where are you going and does a jean jacket feel right?
  • And most importantly, do you love wearing a jean jacket and does it feel like YOU?

Or, perhaps you have a variety of cardigans or blazers in your wardrobe but somehow none of them seems to feel like the ‘right’ topper. They seem too short, too boxy, too fussy, too heavy, too long, not a good color or some combination of the above and the list goes on.

The trouble is that while you know a garment doesn’t feel right, figuring out what layering piece DOES work might elude you and that leads to frustration.

Ugh…you feel tired just thinking about it!

If you don’t have a layering piece that feels right, you then have two choices:

  • Be cold.
  • Give up in frustration and make do with what you have even if you don’t love how it looks or feel good wearing it.

I think you’ll agree that neither of those is a good option!

How DO you choose layering pieces to complete an outfit and still love what you’re wearing?

Whether you prefer a jacket, blazer, cardigan, jean jacket or something else entirely (here are two of my go-to’s)…

…that’s exactly what I address in this powerful, comprehensive video. We’ll dive deeply into layering (providing TONS of examples in different styles, a variety of colors and on different body shapes) and I’ll share specific information about why something does or doesn’t work.

What will some of the examples and explanation show you?

How to Layer:

  • Over pants or jeans
  • Over a variety of prints
  • Over a little black dress
  • Over shorts
  • How to wear a jean jacket
  • Layering when you have curves (or no curves)
  • Layering styles to avoid

Can having the right layering piece make a difference? Here’s what Rochelle Seltzer says, “I wore the new black and gray corduroy topper from W.O.W. to and from the video shoot today. Everyone I saw remarked on how great it was! I am so glad we found it! I also got a big wow from the crew for both on-camera outfits. Most of all, I felt comfortable in front of the cameras and had a great time!”

Get ready to take notes and practice as I reveal the ‘Top 10 Things to Consider When Adding a Layer’ and then show you how to address each of these ten items for multiple layering pieces and for a variety of occasions.

Here’s what you’ll receive with this self-paced program:

  • 40-minute comprehensive video with examples every step of the way and actionable steps to practice and refine your look.
  • beautiful catalogue of over 100 examples of all types of layering pieces with full explanations about how to wear them (and including a section on ‘styles to avoid’).
  • There’s more! A special article highlighting ‘5 Essential tips to refine your layering style.’

How to Layer a Jacket or Cardigan Over Your Favorite Outfit
(and Still Feel Pulled-Together and Stylish)

If not knowing what to wear over something to add beauty or to keep warm (or both) has kept you from wearing items in your closet or, worse, from feeling good when you do wear an outfit, then this program is for you. This video and catalogue are available for you to review as often as you want to.

This program is designed to help you address a wide-ranging variety of outfit scenarios and layering possibilities to cover your needs the next time you get dressed SO you feel fabulous in the entire outfit—not just what’s underneath.

Please note that there is a no refund policy. You are responsible for the payment whether or not you watch the videos.


Ginger BurrI’m Ginger Burr with a passion for empowering women to feel amazing about how they look! After more than 30 years of working with women and experiencing my own transformation prior to that (read more about this on my website (with pictures!), I’m well-acquainted both with the frustration that accompanies having a wardrobe you don’t love and the delight that comes with recognizing and embracing your own personal style.

If every morning you think, “I hope people will forget what I’m wearing,” it’s time for a change. In the beginning I couldn’t do it alone and you do not have to either. As one client said to me, “I’m tired of expending mental energy trying to figure out what to wear. It’s exhausting.” I can help you redirect that energy to create a wardrobe that makes your heart sing.

It’s a different journey for each person. That’s why I have many ways of supporting you from my book, ‘That’s So You! Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style & Grace’ to my signature live online class, ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ to diving deeply into specific topics in this comprehensive self-paced classes. In each case, the basic elements are the same and you learn to dress with confidence without shedding pounds, sacrificing comfort or compromising who you are.

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