Special ‘Inner Beauty’ Workshop

(Create a wardrobe that authentically reflects who you are!)

‘What’s My Style’ is the question I get asked most by women who are struggling with their wardrobe.

The solution to that goes deeper than you might think and is more personalized that you might expect. That’s where this workshop can change everything!

The Inner Beauty Workshop is a transformational Inner and Outer Approach to Beauty that will FOREVER change the way you dress, shop for clothes, and show up in the world!

Are any of these true for you?

  • Do you feel frustrated by your clothes every morning as you dress?
  • Do you wish you had a better sense of “style?”
  • Have you gained or lost weight, and finding clothes that flatter your new body seems confusing or like a pipe dream?
  • Do you have lots of clothes but feel clueless as to how to make them work together (or assess IF they will work together) to create outfits you love wearing?
  • Does something always feel off, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is?

If any of this describes you (and believe me, you are not alone), join me for this special workshop!

It’s time for you to re-create your image to reflect how extraordinary YOU are from the inside out!

As Cheryl Richardson, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace (and many other books) says, "If you long to feel deeply satisfied with your personal style, to create a polished image that ensures professional success, or to simply feel terrific about the way you look, I can't think of anyone more qualified to support you than Ginger Burr.  She's a wealth of knowledge, gracious and sensitive in her approach, and uniquely qualified to help you align your inner and outer beauty – the real secret to success!"

Are you ready to dress differently… in a way that will free you from holding back, empower you to move forward, and have you feeling radiant and pulled-together, no matter how old you are, what your body shape, or what the current fashion trends are?

If you’re tired of throwing good money after bad on things you never wear,
I invite you to join me for this powerful…

Inner Beauty Workshop
Email Ginger if you are interested and to find out when the next workshop is scheduled (ginger@totalimageconsultants.com)
1:00 to 4:30 pm (eastern) on Zoom
Limited to 4 Women

Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive two special Inner Beauty exercises to do ahead of time.
  • Important: Plan to attend the entire workshop – hop on 5 min. early and stay all 3.5 hours (it will not be recorded).
  • Bring 2-3 items with you that you want to assess after you have your inner beauty words to see how/if they reflect them and to gain insight from that.

Guess what?

No two women have ever had exactly the same inner beauty words. That’s not surprising given how unique each of us is, but often we don’t realize this vital part of our personality never mind express it through our clothing choices.

Sharon Before and After
Sharon Sweeney feels so amazing when she reflects her ‘Naturally radiant’ inner beauty word in her after photo here.

This is your chance to uncover YOUR uniqueness so you can use that information (like Sharon does) to create a wardrobe that feels fully authentic.

Prema Popat (a little bit rock ‘n roll) shares how it has changed her approach to her wardrobe:

“The “Inner beauty” exercise – resulting in four key adjectives that reflect my personal style – was probably the most rewarding part of the experience. It was in many respects a brief journey of self-discovery, but one with a very practical application: by simply assessing clothing, jewelry, accessories based on how accurately they reflect my words, I am now able to easily purchase items and put together outfits that make me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.”   

If you’d like to embark on this special journey, please join me here:

Inner Beauty Workshop
Email Ginger if you are interested and to find out when the next workshop is scheduled (ginger@totalimageconsultants.com)

1:00 to 4:30 pm (eastern) on Zoom
Limited to 4 Women

Ginger Burr

Get ready for an exciting and eye-opening afternoon. I can’t wait to share this with you!

With beauty, style & grace,
Creator – ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks’ Masterclass

P.S. A note to anyone taking this workshop who is local to the Boston area: Once you have attended this workshop and have your inner beauty words you also have the benefit of being able to shop with me through one of my small group shoppings—please note that since the pandemic there have not been as many group shoppings because many stores have closed and/or because of group gathering issues, but if/when they pick up again, you can join me. Learn more here: Guided group shopping information

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the intimate nature of the Inner Beauty workshop all deposits and payments are non-refundable. The only exception would be if there is a waiting list and someone can take your place (but no guarantees are made).

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the workshop and its potential. This workshop will only work for you if you participate fully, take action, and implement the information I’m going to share with you. As stipulated by law, the testimonials used in promoting this workshop show results that are possible and can be independently verified. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. I cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional, psychological, medical, or legal advice. Your results will depend on you, your participation, and follow through.