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Do you want to give a gift certificate to someone special in your life, but you aren’t sure which service or class she’d like best? Or, perhaps you have a very specific budget. With a Total Image Consultants gift certificate, there are many gift options and price points available.
Join me as I help you create your own personal style transformation…in just 6 weeks! This is a comprehensive, value-packed class that I teach live several times a year.
Get started now to transform your wardrobe and personal style with a special VIP Program with Ginger. Get answers to your pressing questions with private time with Ginger and a special VIP website with value-packed style information! It can all be done virtually (or some can be done in Ginger’s home studio if you are local).
When you wear colors that look amazing on you, you feel better in your clothes, things mix and match brilliantly and shopping is easier!

That’s So You! helps you create new awareness around the psychological aspects of how you dress, understand how to create a signature wardrobe, make peace with aging and learn to do it with flair and confidence.

See examples of how women who’ve worked privately with Ginger have changed their wardrobes, their hair and their makeup — and how they feel about themselves.

Virtual offerings include both classes that Ginger teaches live on Zoom or self-paced classes you can do & watch at your leisure at home. Check out all the options here!

Ginger Burr runs fun, educational, inspiring seminars and workshops for women.

Take all the guesswork out of what length your skirts, sleeves, jackets, capris and even your neckline should be. The results are good for life.

Total Image Consultants is excited to partner with you and help take your brand to the next level.

A New Shopping Experience with a line of clothing that is beautiful quality and offers something different from what you see everywhere else. And, Ginger will help you make choices you’ll love!

Go shopping with Ginger Burr. Exclusive shopping invitation.

I have been using your mantra of ‘more and more I feel…’ and it is so empowering. Saying I am beautiful wasn’t working for me but the more and more I feel beautiful, powerful, etc. is absolutely working AND happening! Woohoo.

Kim Raymond