Image Makeover Services

6-Week Course

Join me as I help you create your own personal style transformation…in just 6 weeks!

Work With Ginger

Work privately with Ginger, virtually or in-person, to get answers to all your pressing wardrobe and style questions.

Color Analysis

When you wear colors that look amazing on you, you feel better in your clothes, things mix and match brilliantly and shopping is easier!

That's So You!

That’s So You!

That’s So You! helps you create new awareness around the psychological aspects of how you dress, understand how to create a signature wardrobe, make peace with aging and learn to do it with flair and confidence

Before & After Makeover Results

See examples of how women who’ve worked privately with Ginger have changed their wardrobes, their hair and their makeup — and how they feel about themselves.

Virtual Classes with Ginger

Virtual Classes

Virtual offerings from Ginger that you can do or watch at home. Available for immediate access!

Speaking & Training

Ginger Burr runs fun, educational, inspiring seminars and workshops for women.


Fashion Fit Formula

Take all the guesswork out of what length your skirts, sleeves, jackets, capris and even your neckline should be. The results are good for life.

Guided Group Shopping

Go shopping with Ginger Burr. Exclusive shopping invitation.

Explore the Cabi Line of Clothing

A New Shopping Experience!

“I had such a wonderful time today at the group shopping! You are the best!! I never would have considered ANY of those outfits if I had walked in there by myself. It was such a shock to see clothes that actually looked fabulous on me instead of just OK!! Thank you so much for the eye opener. I have never found anything at Dress Barn before and now it is my FAVORITE store!!

I definitely like the group shopping! When I put on an outfit, it takes me awhile to think about it and analyze it. It is easier for me to do this when I know there are others there for you to focus on while I “process”, LOL - it takes the pressure off of me to hurry in order not to waste time or keep you waiting which is what I do and would do if we shopped one-on-one. THANK YOU for a fabulous experience. You truly are a master at this and I am so glad I found you!!

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