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A New Shopping Experience!

A New Shopping Experience!

Explore the Cabi Line of Clothing

Are you looking for some new inspiration for your wardrobe? Do you want some clothing options that feel fresh and different?

I spend a lot of time shopping for my clients and I’ve found that so much that is out there in the stores feels like the same-old-same-old! That’s one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed the Cabi line of clothing and my clients do, too.

Cabi’s clothing is well made, they have a versatile selection, so much is incredibly cozy, most of the line is vegan-friendly, and they carry sizes XS to XL (14-16). They do also offer a few XXS and an extended line of XXL (1X). I find their tops run a bit big and the bottoms run fairly true to size.

I regularly offer virtual shopping events so you can see the line with fun video fashion shows and I can help you make choices that work for you.

You can see the line here:

And, you can also review the line on your phone by downloading the app called Cabi Tap. You can put in me as your stylist (it will ask for my email –

Mostly, have fun and enjoy exploring a new line of clothing!

Here you can see me in a some of their clothing over the past few seasons to give you a taste of what they have!

Prior to my experiences with Ginger, I thought ‘image consulting’ would mean a loss of identity. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, I now have more identity within my corporate world because I choose to look my best. I am thrilled with the results of her consultations and encourage all my business associates to seek out her services. We even hired Ginger for our entire Corporate Real Estate group to define ‘business casual.’ Thank you, Ginger!

Jennifer W. Oliver, Sr. Director of Corporate Real Estate Planning, Fidelity Investments