Explore the Cabi Line of Clothing

Are you looking for some new inspiration for your wardrobe? Do you want some clothing options that feel fresh and different?

I spend a lot of time shopping for my clients and I’ve found that so much that is out there in the stores feels like the same-old-same-old! That’s one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed the Cabi line of clothing and my clients do, too.

Cabi’s clothing is well made, they have a versatile selection, so much is incredibly cozy, most of the line is vegan-friendly, and they carry sizes XS to XL (14-16). They do also offer a few XXS and an extended line of XXL (1X). I find their tops run a bit big and the bottoms run fairly true to size.

I regularly offer virtual shopping events so you can see the line with fun video fashion shows and I can help you make choices that work for you.

You can see the line here: https://gingerburr.cabionline.com/

And, you can also review the line on your phone by downloading the app called Cabi Tap. You can put in me as your stylist (it will ask for my email – ginger@totalimageconsultants.com).

Mostly, have fun and enjoy exploring a new line of clothing!

Here you can see me in a some of their clothing over the past few seasons to give you a taste of what they have!


“I recently attended a high-level meeting and dinner for work. Two years ago, before I met Ginger, I would have thrown on my usual so-so outfit and told myself it's what you have to say and not your looks that matter. But I can attest that, like it or not, my looks really do matter. I can hardly describe what an enormous difference it has made that I can now dress the part of a world-class decision-maker when I need to pull that off. Looking like I have it together means people trust me more. I can tell that other people think I look attractive and it means that they are more interested in talking to me and listening to my ideas. That's not fair, but it happens! What's more, feeling confident that I look good means that I can spend my energy thinking about the topic of the meeting and not worrying about my clothes or style. Ginger has that covered so I can get on with the (to me) 'important stuff'!”

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