Fashion Fit Formula

Frumpy can happen to anyone anytime! It has little to do with age, weight, height, coloring, or state of mind. If you’ve ever put on an outfit thinking, “This should look good on me. It’s my size. I like the styling and design. It looked good on the model/mannequin” only to look in the mirror with dismay, feeling frumpy, dowdy or messy, then you know what I mean.

Of course, we immediately blame our body! Well, not anymore!

There’s a solution to feeling frumpy or out of sorts, and it’s simpler than you think.

  • Designers design clothes for the perfectly proportioned body which is 8 head lengths long.
  • Few of us fit that standard model — perhaps, for example, we’re longer from our hips to our knees or shorter from our neck to waist.
  • It stands to reason that when you put on an outfit that’s designed for a differently structured body, it’s not going to fit you properly! Who knew? Most people don’t and live with constant frustration as a result.
  • The gift with this service is in knowing where your body is long or short compared to the standard. Mystery solved!

This process has absolutely nothing to do with how tall or short you are (unless you’re under 4’10” and then the program can’t compute it (although I can usually have it hand-done by the creator of the Fashion Fit Formula)) or what your weight is. The results stay the same throughout your lifetime. Here’s why…

We take 12 vertical measurements. Whether you gain or lose weight these vertical measurements remain the same (unless you have a spinal problem that causes you to lose inches). If you follow the results of this process, your body will be balanced in your clothes no matter how your weight changes.

The initial consultation takes less than 30 minutes (in my studio). We will receive your results by email while you’re here with recommendations for exactly (within an 1/8 of an inch) what length to wear your jackets, tops, skirts, sleeves, coats, pants, etc. This way I can review them with you and answer any questions.

Everything will be figured to balance your body (as you’ll see in all the before and after photos here). As a result…

You’ll feel better in your clothes.

  • You’ll look lighter, more lifted & comfortable in what you wear.
Susan T. describes what happened for her:
Yesterday, I took a long sleeve heavy t-shirt I had bought at The Grand Canyon. I taped it up to the area at my Fashion Fit Formula hip/leg area. I then looked for a necklace to drape at my breastbone point. I didn’t have ANY! Instead I used a scarf and tied it just to see that length. I was shocked. I looked 10-15 lbs. thinner! OMG! This was a just a long sleeved t-shirt with jeans! 
  • The focus will be drawn upwards towards your face where it belongs!
  • People will notice you first rather than your clothing.
  • If you feel short, it will make you look taller; if you feel lanky, it will balance your body; if you feel heavy, it will make you look like you’ve lost weight.

You’ll never again have to wonder, how long should this skirt, etc. be? Can I wear this or not? You will KNOW!

How does the consultation work?

There are both in-person and virtual options. For the in-person: We schedule a consultation in my studio (30 minutes) to take your measurements and explain the concept and process. The cost is $150.00 and the results are good for life! You can schedule your appointment below (or email me to find a date if you don’t see one you like when you click below) and imagine how much easier your next shopping trip (or getting dressed tomorrow morning) will feel with this important information at your fingertips.

Having it can save you money on your wardrobe like it did for Karla Lang: “I LOVE my Fashion Fit Formula. Shortly after my appointment with you, I pulled two tops out of my Goodwill bag, got them properly tailored and now they are back in active rotation!”  

Important: You will receive your results by email WHILE YOU’RE HERE (yay!) so I can go over them with you.

Purchase now

DON’T LIVE NEAR ME? No worries! We can do it virtually. Send me an email and I’ll show you how to measure yourself and help you with the entire process so you can get your perfect balance points no matter where you live! IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this here. Once you have your measurements, I’ll make sure they look accurate and will take care of the processing. Then I’ll send you a link to pay and send your results. The cost is slightly less (depending on which package you choose) since you’re measuring yourself — (I’ll explain more when we connect).

It’s so easy and it can be done from anywhere!

“Working with Ginger is nothing short of amazing. I wanted to change my wardrobe so I would feel fabulous and comfortable, express my own authentic style, and 'dress to impress' in support of my professional ambitions. The results I've achieved with Ginger wildly surpassed my expectations and I am quite confident I could not have done it without her. First, we pared my wardrobe down to clothes that were truly flattering, comfortable, and in-line with my personality and intentions. Ginger was incredibly astute at recognizing my unique style and what would work for me. I felt very empowered by her feedback and vision. We developed a shopping list and shopped together to fill out my wardrobe with clothing that makes me feel empowered, attractive, comfortable, and "me". Ginger is amazing to shop with. Her knowledge, experience, and relationships made navigating the stores a breeze; she was constructive, supportive, and encouraging; and she offered clear guidance and opinions to make sure we made the best selections. She was also just a pleasure to spend time with and treated everyone we encountered with the utmost professonal courtesy and respect. I feel like a whole new person. Or, rather, I feel like I am finally dressing as I have always wanted to, and feel fabulous in my own skin and in the world.”

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