Fashion Fit Formula

Frumpy can happen to anyone anytime! It has little to do with age, weight, height, coloring, or state of mind. If you’ve ever put on an outfit thinking, “This should look good on me. It’s my size. I like the styling and design. It looked good on the model/mannequin” only to look in the mirror with dismay, feeling frumpy, dowdy or messy, then you know what I mean. Of course, we immediately blame our body! Well, not anymore!

There’s a solution to feeling frumpy or out of sorts, and it’s simpler than you think.

  • Designers design clothes for the perfectly proportioned body which is 8 head lengths long.
  • Few of us fit that standard model — perhaps, for example, we’re longer from our hips to our knees or shorter from our neck to waist.
  • It stands to reason that when you put on an outfit that’s designed for a differently structured body, it’s not going to fit you properly! Who knew? Most people don’t and live with constant frustration as a result.
  • The gift with this service is in knowing where your body is long or short compared to the standard. Mystery solved!

This process has absolutely nothing to do with how tall or short you are (unless you’re under 4’10” and then the program can’t compute it (although I can usually have it hand-done by the creator of the Fashion Fit Formula)) or what your weight is. The results stay the same throughout your lifetime. Here’s why…

We take 12 vertical measurements. Whether you gain or lose weight these vertical measurements remain the same (unless you have a spinal problem that causes you to lose inches). If you follow the results of this process, your body will be balanced in your clothes no matter how your weight changes.

The initial consultation takes less than 30 minutes (in my studio). Three days later (by e-mail) you receive your basic measurement results and two weeks later (by mail) you receive a very comprehensive analysis package with recommendations for exactly (within an 1/8 of an inch) what length to wear your jackets, tops, skirts, sleeves, coats, pants, etc.

Everything will be figured to balance your body. As a result…

You’ll feel better in your clothes.

  • You’ll look lighter, more lifted & comfortable in what you wear.
  • The focus will be drawn upwards towards your face where it belongs!
  • People will notice you first rather than your clothing.
  • If you feel short, it will make you look taller; if you feel lanky, it will balance your body; if you feel heavy, it will make you look like you’ve lost weight.

You’ll never again have to wonder, how long should this skirt, etc. be? Can I wear this or not?

How does the consultation work?

We schedule a consultation in my studio (30 minutes) to take your measurements and explain the concept and process. The cost is $215.00 and the results are good for life!

Three days later you will be emailed your basic measurement results and two weeks later, you will receive the packet with all your proper lengths and explanations for them.

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“My Skype wardrobe consultation with Ginger was so fun and productive! I left our call with many complete outfits - tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry and a handbag beautifully coordinated. Not only that, but the ideas Ginger shared will allow me to create many other wonderful outfits from what I have in my closet. As a member of Ginger’s “Dress to Impress - Yourself” program, I can also post follow-up questions at no additional charge on the private online member forum. The session was a great investment for me to feel fantastic and make the best impression professionally. Highly recommended!”

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