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Have you ever stared at your wardrobe, your makeup or your hair thinking there has to be a better way but you just have no idea what that would be? Frustrated but needing to wear something, you keep doing what you are doing, occasionally trying something new but never feeling completely confident about why something looks great or dreadful – it all seems to be hit or miss.

Finding a look you love is not about adding a quick fix here or there. It’s about understanding the woman you are dressing…YOU! That’s what the private one-on-one style program with Ginger is all about! It gives you the foundational tools to know how to choose clothes and accessories that feel deep down to your toes like you AND with my support to learn how to apply them. This is valuable information that you can use forever!

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A private style program is for you if you…

  • Feel lost when it comes to making choices and just keep repeating the same “mistakes.” The ‘Timeless Style’ program allows you plenty of time time to explore new possibilities and you receive lots of guidance and support as you embark on you new “personal style” journey.
  • Want to save money. Nearly every woman with whom I have worked has had clothes in her closet that she wasn’t wearing–some even still had the tags on them. Once she learned how to choose clothing that looked great on her and that she loved, she stopped wasting money on things she never wore. No more money down the drain!
  • Are pressed for time and do not have hours or days to spend wandering through the stores experimenting? You want the most support to get the most benefit so you can free your mind for other important things happening in your life.
  • Have an overflowing closet, but wear only a tiny fraction of the clothes in there. You wonder how they all ended up in your closet! Should you keep them, let them go, rework them? Until you know for sure, you are reluctant to get rid of anything and yet you feel overwhelmed every time you open your closet door.
  • Have gained some weight and feel terrible in your current wardrobe. You know it’s important to feel (and look) good at whatever you weight are. You just feel discouraged and frumpy, but are ready for that to change.
  • Struggle with what is age-appropriate, business-appropriate or how to create a wardrobe for each aspect of your life (e.g., work, leisure, date nights, days at the playground with the kids, travel…)

A private program allows you to work intimately with Ginger and to benefit from her expertise and well-trained eye so that your joy of shopping (that treasure hunt to find just the right pieces) truly produces outfits you love! Claire Kiedrowski says it well, “It has been 2 weeks since I met and shopped with you, and every day has been a good ‘clothes’ day. I have less clothing now but more options.” 

Does working with Ginger make a difference? Here’s what Barbara Brown has to say, “You are amazing! I hate to think what I would have gotten and been dissatisfied with without your help. Thank you!”

And, if you hate to shop and want to make the experience more fun and productive as well as save time and money, Carol Takvorian shares, “Thank you again for the shopping sessions with you. I never would have done such a good job myself, even if I went shopping 10 weeks in a row!”

You will never look at your closet or shopping the same way again. You will have a new perspective and will be supported by tools that help you make choices you love to wear over and over.

The private programs offer a variety of choices including three price points. Here is one example of what you receive in one of the private, one-on-one style programs:

  • 8.5 hours of private time with Ginger
  • The first 3 hours are when you receive your most important foundational style tools. They will help you assess future wardrobe choices (I will show you how to use them during your wardrobe and/or shopping consultations):
  • Inner and outer beauty style analysis: Through a series of 3 thought-provoking exercises, we will identify who you are at a deep level (your inner essence that defines your personal beauty and that makes you special). This is the heart of our work together and is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have to create a personal style you love. (This is done on Zoom.)
  • Color Analysis: Knowing what colors look great on you is one of the most invaluable style tools you can ever have. Understanding how to use these colors to your advantage will be covered in future sessions. (This can be done virtually or in-person at my home studio — both ways are equally effective.)
  • Fashion Fit Formula: There’s a magical quality to understanding how to balance your body vertically. That’s what the Fashion Fit Formula does. It will tell you what lengths to wear your neckline, sleeves, skirts, jackets, coats, and capris and even the best width belt to balance your body. The results are good for life and have nothing to do with whether you gain or lose weight. It’s an invaluable tool when you are creating an outfit and can’t figure out why something doesn’t look right. (If you are local I can measure you. If not, I’ll show you how to measure yourself.)
  • Now that we have these tools at your fingertips, during the remainder of our time together you will learn how to use them effectively to create a wardrobe and personal style you love—offering you guidance, support, encouragement, feedback, resources and answers to all of your questions.

Together we will determine the best next steps to bring you them most clarity, inspiration and joy:

  • During the remaining 5.5 hrs. together I will show you how to use them effectively to create a wardrobe and personal style you love—offering you guidance, support, encouragement, feedback, resources and answers to all of your questions. (Longer private programs with more time for wardrobe and shopping consultations are available.)
      • Closet/wardrobe consultation to help you organize, update, and assess your current clothing & style situation. (This can be done virtually (I have two very-effective ways of doing this and am happy to share so you can choose) or you may bring clothes to my home studio.)
        • Evaluate what you already have
        • Continuing the fine-tuning of a mix & match wardrobe that meets your needs
        • The 3 R’s: Rework It, Restyle It, or Remove It
        • Create a list for shopping
      • Customized shopping plan and on-line shopping/research. Personal shopping for clothing, shoes, jewelry, foundation pieces (proper undergarments), eyeglasses, etc.—we will determine our plan together. This is done using a state-of-the-art research program that is only available to image consultants. You won’t believe how thorough and beautiful it is. As one client said, Like other areas of your work, your online research is impressive!” I can help you shop for anything related to your personal style: all clothing, workout clothes, scarves, jewelry, eyeglasses, coats, bathing suits, handbags…you name it I shop for it. And I have helped many women create capsules wardrobes.)

“Ginger has shown me, not only how to dress in the best ways for me, but also how to be truer to myself. She has an extraordinary ability to see deeply into her clients and–gently–show each of us how to let our own, unique qualities shine forth.”

— Amanda Sobel

To keep your transformation going strong after our time together, you will receive:

  • ‘Quick Fix’ Questions Answered Anytime – This way you know you’re never stuck! For example, you can send me pictures of you anytime in an outfit saying, “Here’s what I’m thinking of wearing…help!” (If it takes more than 5 minutes for me to address your question, then it means it’s more involved and will count towards some of your private hours or it means we should hop on a Zoom call and address everything together. But a quick response is something I’m always happy to do.)
  • A copy of my book (digital version), That’s So You! – this is the perfect companion as you go through this special personal journey!
  • 5 Extra Special ‘How-to’ Wardrobe/Style Lessons (your choice). Want to know more about how to choose an outfit based on your shoulder shape or surefire tips for choosing the right shoes? Or perhaps you have always wanted to understand how to wear a statement necklace or dress to hide your tummy and still feel great in what you are wearing. I have written 40 in-depth articles on a large variety of topics related to style and you get to choose your 5 favorites from the list.
  • Ginger’s Exclusive Fashion Resource List – Full of all my shopping secrets! (As one client put it, “Wow…talk about comprehensive. This is fabulous!”) 60+ pages of my best resources—only private clients receive this so it’s extra special!

For more information, please set up a 20 minute call (see above or below) to chat with me (Ginger) about the possibilities. This call does not commit you to anything and there is no pressure–I don’t believe in that. It gives us an opportunity to explore what would be most helpful to you and for you to get a sense of what the choices are. Whether you live close by or far away (I have clients all over the U.S., in Europe and even Guam) there is something for everyone. On the call we will get to know each other a little bit and then we can see if working together is the answer.

Does working one-on-one with Ginger make a difference? Here’s what Elizabeth from Maryland has to say…

“The process and the results are about so much more than just fantastic style and clothing.  To be sure, I got that and more.  And yet, as much as I adore the looks that you helped me find for myself, and as beautiful as I now feel when I step-out with the image that projects who I am on the inside — the most amazing part is what you did for my SPIRIT.  Throughout our phone calls, our skype meeting, the whirlwind day of shopping, and in the continuing support that you provide, I always feel you recognize me (and thus help me recognize myself) as someone special and beautiful and unique.  You really have an amazing way of demonstrating that true beauty and style come from who we are on the inside.  That is part of your inner beauty, Ginger!

You are stylish and beautiful, but down-to-earth, considerate, encouraging, and positive. The dynamics created by your personality and artistic skill make shopping with you a wonderful fashion experience that occurs in (and here is the real beauty) ** In a psychologically healthy mind-set and atmosphere**.

Remember how nervous I was?? Remember how I got into your car that morning close to tears with anxiety?  But you have an incredible way about you that made me feel I could trust you. Thank you, Ginger.”

— Elizabeth from Maryland

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