Virtual Makeover Programs

You don’t have to live near me to get my support. Many of my services can be done long distance, which is why I’ve been able to work with women from all over the world.

What’s important right now is that you want help because you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut:

  • Perhaps your body has shifted after having children or going through menopause and you feel like you’ve lost your style.
  • Maybe you never really had a style, but it’s something you’ve longed for.
  • Or, it seems like all the clothes in the stores are designed for either teens or grannies. You feel lost trying to find beautiful, youthful clothing in between.

These are just a few possible reasons you’re reading this page. The good news is that I can help you with all of these challenges — without you having to travel to Boston.

I offer a number of services virtually. As you will see below, the specifics of how we connect depend on the particular service you choose. Some are part of a comprehensive one-on-one virtual styling program (see below) and others can be selected separately.

Individual Services

The following virtual services can be ordered individually.

‘Styled by Ginger’

I’m starting to feel like you’re my personal stylist! That is what Jen from Switzerland shared with me after being a member of ‘Styled by Ginger’ for a couple of months. She was getting her questions answered and it felt great! If you feel like you are in a wardrobe rut – a seemingly never-ending cycle of buying things and then not wearing them – then the ‘Styled by Ginger’ program can change all that for you. Learn more about how to receive my guidance, no matter where you live, so you can transform your wardrobe and feel great every time you get dressed. It’s all on this page: ‘Styled by Ginger’

Personal Color Analysis

If you’re tired of defaulting to black or feel reluctant to buy colors because you aren’t sure which ones look best, a personal color analysis will change all that. You get a hand-made palette of 70-100 colors chosen from my collection of over 2,000 colors. They are chosen to go specifically with your combination of hair color, eye color and skin color. And, it can be done beautifully long-distance. See long distance color analysis details here!

Makeup Application Instruction Video

Learn to apply makeup that looks and feels beautiful. My 30-minute instructional video and list of suggested products answers your questions. Lisa loved it: “Wow! The makeup video is the most comprehensive makeup video I have ever watched.Purchase the video now (it’s now close captioned) and use the coupon code MAKEUP10 to receive $10 off.

Hair and Makeup Makeover

Creating a look with makeup that feels special can sometimes feel frustrating. There are so many choices out there that it’s hard to know what to choose! I can show you with a virtual hair and makeup makeover. exactly what will look good on you. No more guessing! In addition to makeup I will show you a hairstyle that flatters your face shape and features. Rather than taking months to grow your hair or cutting it only to find out you hate it that way, this virtual makeover can give you new ideas right away. Using the picture of yourself that you send me, I’ll show you a casual makeup look, an evening look, AND a new hairstyle. This makeover removes all the guesswork.

Plus,you receive my 30-minute instructional makeup video (so you can recreate what I show you in the makeover), along with the comprehensive list of suggested products. No more guessing or endless trial and error! You can then take the photo to your hairstylist and start working towards a new look! See example below. Purchase your hair and makeup makeover now!


Virtual Hair and Makeover – before and after

One-on-One Virtual Styling Programs

The following services come as part of one of my one-on-one virtual styling programs. Descriptions of the some of the services included in the programs are below. I’m happy to set up a time to talk to explore the possibilities and give you details about all the support you receive with a personal styling program.

Skype Wardrobe Consultation

As part of one of Total Image Consultants’ personal style programs, we go through your wardrobe together over a Skype call. Caryn had great results: “My Skype wardrobe consultation with Ginger was so fun and productive. The session was a great investment for me to feel fantastic and make the best impression professionally!”

Expressing Personality through Your Wardrobe

Whether you work for someone else, are an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or are retired (or one of a million other possibilities), it’s important to allow your personality (the what makes you special) to be reflected in the clothing choices you make. You’ll feel the most comfortable in and delighted by your wardrobe when your clothes express who you are.

With guidance and a series of introspective exercises, I’ll help you explore who you are at your essence and from that we create 4 words or phrases that deeply resonate with you. Sarah shares: “My style words have helped in ways I never could have foreseen!” To see a reference to inner beauty (style) words, see my Before and After Makeover page.

Virtual Shopping Support

Do your eyes glaze over when you enter a clothing store? Would you rather go to the dentist than shop for clothes? Do you always seem to end up with things that just sit in your closet unworn? I can make online suggestions using a very sophisticated research tool that will make shopping infinitely easier and more productive for you. And, you will have my support from start to finish in creating outfit after outfit. As Barbara noted, my support takes the mystery out of the experience: “You are amazing! I hate to think what I would have gotten and been dissatisfied with without your help.”

Are you excited about the possibilities? If so, let’s set up a time to talk. We can explore where and why you are stuck and look at what steps will get you where you want to be. There is no pressure or obligation, this is a time to explore the possibilities so you can get out of your wardrobe rut.

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“I listened to your "Art of Joyful Living" radio interview and got inspired to get your home study program. I feel that you do an incredible job at your work and provide information that goes way beyond the superficial aspects of dressing. You address the real issues, are very motivating and always have new information to share.”

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