Experience Your Personal Style Transformation Now…No Matter Where You Live!

You don’t have to live near me to get my support. Many of my services can be done long distance, which is why I’ve been able to work with women from all over the world.

What’s important right now is that you want help because you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut:

  • Perhaps your body has shifted after having children or going through menopause and you feel like you have no idea what looks good anymore or how to find it.
  • Maybe you never really had a style, but it’s something you’ve longed for.
  • Or, it seems like all the clothes in the stores are designed for either teens or grannies. You feel lost trying to find beautiful, youthful clothing in between.
  • It could be that you are advancing in your career or have decided to follow a new career path, but you aren’t sure how to dress in a way that feels good and meets the needs of your profession.

These are just a few possible reasons you’re reading this page. The good news is that I can help you with all of these challenges — without you having to travel to Boston.

Because of the wonders of technology, there is nothing holding you back from beginning your personal style transformation now. As you will see below, the specifics of how we connect depend on the particular service you choose. Some are part of a comprehensive one-on-one virtual styling program (see below) and others can be selected separately. And, if you aren’t sure what’s best for you, let me know and I can answer your questions.

Begin Your Makeover From Anywhere in the World!

Personal Color Analysis

If you’re tired of defaulting to black or feel reluctant to buy colors because you aren’t sure which ones look best, a personal color analysis will change all that. You will receive a hand-made palette of 70-100 colors chosen from my collection of over 2,000 colors. They are chosen for you personally to complement  your specific combination of hair color, eye color and skin color. And, it can be done beautifully long-distance. See long distance color analysis details here!

Makeup Application Instruction Video

Learn to apply makeup that looks and feels beautiful. My 30-minute instructional video and list of suggested products answers your questions. Lisa loved it: “Wow! The makeup video is the most comprehensive makeup video I have ever watched.Learn more here (it’s now close captioned) and use the coupon code MAKEUP10 to receive $10 off.


Learn to Dress to Hide Your Tummy

Have you gained weight or your body has shifted and now all you see is your tummy when you get dressed? You get so discouraged because anything that used to fit when you had a waist no longer looks good. You feel frumpy and hate it, but you don’t know what to do! I hear this from women every day and there’s relief in sight that does not involve losing weight or wearing uncomfortable shapewear every day. With some well-directed fashion tips, specific guidelines and a new approach to dressing you can feel your body and self-confidence transform before your eyes! Click here to learn more.

* ‘Dress to Impress–Yourself’ Transformational Online Course

For  more information about this comprehensive wardrobe and personal style course, please go here to get on the wait list: www.Dress2ImpressYourself.com

Comprehensive One-on-One Makeover Programs

If your preferred way of learning is privately one-on-one, then one of my private programs (there are four from which to choose) is perfect for you.

Have you ever stared at your wardrobe, your makeup or your hair thinking there has to be a better way but you just have no idea what that would be? Frustrated but needing to wear something, you keep doing what you’ve been doing, occasionally trying something new but never feeling completely confident about why something looks great or dreadful – it all seems to be hit or miss.

Now…imagine that you have the tools to understand how to make great choices for you so you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future AND so you can watch as the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of takes shape!

That’s how Theresa from Guam felt. She shares,“Please know that I’m totally loving working with you. The wardrobe consultation was so much fun. I feel better and more confident with my outfits. I learned a lot and I’m excited to learn more!”

You can feel the same relief and excitement as Theresa by working privately with me to create a wardrobe that makes your heart sing!

The details of the four programs are too long to describe in full here, but you can see descriptions of some of the services included in the programs. I’m happy to set up a time to talk to explore the possibilities and give you details about all the support you receive with a personal styling program. I have clients all over the United States and the world including Oklahoma, the UK and Guam and this work leads to very significant and powerful transformation and a renewed sense of joy when you get dressed every day.

Skype Wardrobe Consultation

As part of one of Total Image Consultants’ personal style programs, we go through your wardrobe together using Zoom video call. Caryn had great results: “My Skype wardrobe consultation with Ginger was so fun and productive. The session was a great investment for me to feel fantastic and make the best impression professionally!”

Expressing Personality through Your Wardrobe

Whether you work for someone else, are an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or are retired (or one of a million other possibilities), it’s important to allow your personality (what makes you special) to be reflected in the clothing choices you make. You’ll feel the most comfortable in and delighted by your wardrobe when your clothes express who you are.

With guidance and a series of introspective exercises, I’ll help you explore who you are at your essence and from that we create 4 words or phrases that deeply resonate with you. Sarah shares: “My style words have helped in ways I never could have foreseen!” To see a reference to inner beauty (style) words, see my Before and After Makeover page.

Virtual Shopping Support

Do your eyes glaze over when you enter a clothing store? Would you rather go to the dentist than shop for clothes? Do you always seem to end up with things that just sit in your closet unworn? You will receive specific online wardrobe suggestions from me using a very sophisticated research tool. This will make shopping infinitely easier and more productive for you. And, you will have my support from start to finish in creating outfit after outfit. As Barbara noted, my support takes the mystery out of the experience: “You are amazing! I hate to think what I would have gotten and been dissatisfied with without your help.”

Are you excited about the possibilities? If so, let’s set up a time to talk. We can explore where and why you are stuck and look at what steps will get you where you want to be. There is no pressure or obligation, this is a time to explore the possibilities so you can get out of your wardrobe rut.

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“I just wanted to say thank you for your last newsletter. I have been shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding in early June, plus a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner. I had found one out of two, but really have had some difficulty finding another dress that I love. I've found plenty that I could tolerate, but nothing that made my heart sing. Until ... the peach print jersey dress from Nordstrom that you pictured - I ordered it and voila! It fits, feels and looks great! I think next I might have to try the shoes from Zappos that you also featured. 

I love the fact that so many dresses this year are made to flatter the less than perfect body, and have wider straps at the shoulders or semi-cap sleeves, which are much more flattering to those of us over age 25. And, the dress length is longer than pictured - it falls right at the bottom of the kneecap, so is a good length for many of us. Thanks for your help!”

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