Hair & Makeup Virtual Makeover

I regularly receive requests for makeovers from women all over the world who often frustrated with their own efforts and are tired of wasting time and money but still feeling stuck.

Since I know not everyone can be in Boston for a one-on-one consultation, a virtual makeup and hair makeover with me is the next best thing!

Does it really make that much difference? Look at the examples below and you’ll see!

Bonnie: Tired of “winging it” with her hair; wants to feel more polished with her makeup
Bonnie has thick fine hair with a little bit of natural wave to it. As you can see, she has gorgeous eyes. Evening out her skin tone and brightening her eye area brings more focus to her eyes. Also, adding a bit more brightness to her hair and soft bangs balances her face and, again, helps us notice her eyes even more.

Jane: Match hair to her zesty personality

“This is amazing!” – those were Jane’s words when she saw her makeover. Jane was wearing glasses in her before photo so, to make her eyes more visible for the makeup, I first removed the glasses (you might notice a faint discoloration where her glasses were). Of course, she can add her glasses after she’s done her makeup. I wanted to keep Jane’s hair short and fun (in keeping with her zesty personality), but change the color slightly to bring out her eyes. I also felt compelled to add a little drama by including a necklace.

Susan: “I’m a wash and wear kind of gal”
“I really like it!” is what Susan said about her makeover. Susan is very low maintenance and has great hair. It’s thick and wavy so there is lots with which to work. Her hair color is also her beautiful natural color. She generally does not wear makeup, so I didn’t want to add a lot because that wouldn’t suit her. She has rosacea so a touch of foundation to even out her skin tone helps to bring focus to her eyes. Accentuating her eyebrows frames her eyes as well. For her hair, I focused on keeping her natural waves but chose to part her hair on the side and give her side-swept bangs. This way we notice her eyes more and it all frames her face beautifully.

Sue: Wanted a touch of elegance and glamour
With the use of a round brush and flat iron Sue can create a very sleek hairstyle that looks great on her and supports her natural elegance. The flat iron will also add extra shine to her hair, which brightens her face. I enhanced her makeup for a touch of glamour in her evening photo.

With a virtual makeover you can see if you like the hairstyle BEFORE you bring an idea to your stylist or spend months waiting for your hair to grow.

Order your Virtual Hair & Makeup Makeover for $199.

What’s included in the Virtual Hair and Makeover package

  • Two (2) “after” photos – One hairstyle and two makeup looks (as you see above)
  • Explanations for why I chose the makeup and hairstyle I did
  • A 30-minute video (by me) with step-by-step instructions for how to apply your makeup and a comprehensive list (with links) of my favorite makeup products
  • Makeover delivered within 2 weeks (often less)

Once you place your order, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire. As soon as I receive your answers, I’ll begin your makeover.

“I went out today down in Wrentham for a day of - you guessed it – shopping! It has been quite a week for me you know -- you have possibly created a monster! Anyway I get home around 5:30 and lo and behold - my palette is in the mail. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited - and you’ll be happy to hear that everything I purchased this week appear in my palette. Consider yourself a great teacher!!! 

It's a bit funny as I went out without the palette (because it hadn’t arrived yet) and the whole time I kept thinking and thinking about…is it my color? Does it create an outfit - or multiple outfits? 

I am shopping entirely differently now, and it is awesome. Now to get to work this week and BE blissfully authentic & carefree; radiant, gracious, and soulful. Mucho thanks! ”

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