Vegan Fashion Philosophy

If you are a woman over 40, you are probably experiencing change: changes in your body, changes in your lifestyle, and changes that seem to resonate deep within your soul. Fashion frustrations often become more pronounced, comfort is no longer optional, and you long to reflect your essence in the clothing choices you make.

Sound familiar? This describes the majority of my clients. Women who are beginning to experience (or are in the throes of) an identity crisis and their wardrobe is not keeping up!

Now, imagine that this is all true for you, and you are vegan. Not only are you searching for a look that truly reflects who you are but the fashion world is ignoring you, or so it seems!

In the summer of 2005, my journey of self-exploration led me to adopt veganism as a commitment to a compassionate way of life. At first it struck me as a crazy idea for someone in the fashion profession. How do I dress without wool (click here to learn more about wool), silk, leather, and suede (fur has not been in my life for many, many years)? Then I did two things: I reviewed my existing wardrobe and found that, with the exception of shoes and winter coats, many of my clothes were already made of cotton, linen or manmade fibers. Secondly, I reflected on my decision to be vegan and realized that a little extra effort and diligence was worth it to be true to my values. I chose to experience it as an exciting life adventure.

Why am I sharing this with you? To let vegan women know that someone in the fashion world is listening and responding. It’s about time that all women can look good and feel good about the way they look.

You do not have to be a vegan or even over 40 to use my services. I work with each of my clients without judgment or pressure. All you need is a commitment to discovering more fully who you are and to share a deep desire to express your inner essence through the fashion and image choices you make (whatever form those take). Authenticity is the first step in expressing your true beauty. If that’s true for you, I can help you get there.

“The biggest difference I see since taking the Totally You workshop is my consciousness while shopping. After recycling nearly half of my wardrobe before the workshop, I had a few items I had paid a lot for or had some sentimental attachment to which I thought I wanted to salvage. Ginger's and the other group participants' honest feedback helped me drop any assumptions I had about how good those clothes actually looked on me. As I endeavor to fill in gaps in my wardrobe, I know I will be saving money overall by buying only items I will make good use of that look great on me based on my evolved inner knowing. I am a master scavenger at thrift and consignment shops and still often shop in those places but with a new consciousness. No more impulsive, unconscious or bargains only based shopping for me which leads to wasted effort. Thanks so much, Ginger for assisting me with your diplomatic, practical, compassionate and expert feedback!”

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