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Ginger’s Vegan Fashion Video

Wondering if you can be vegan and still dress stylishly? Watch this video and Ginger will show you can.

If you would like more ideas on how to dress stylishly and cruelty-free, here are a few articles below. I would also encourage you to register for my weekly newsletter where I share fashion and wardrobe advice and every example I use is vegan-friendly.

Wow! The makeup video is excellent!! It is definitely the most comprehensive make up video (maybe the only 100% comprehensive one) I have ever watched. I am so grateful that it exists!! So far the part that has helped me the most is when you show how to apply eyeliner. I don’t have a steady hand for eyeliner and I find that way is much more foolproof. Also, it looks a lot better. I am so thankful that you made that video.

Lisa Adams