Wear Yellow and Make Everyone Happy

May Your Days Be Sunny and Bright!

As we transition into the warmer weather and spring fever takes root we begin to dream of lighter weight clothing, brighter colors, and sunny days. All of this makes the rainy dreary days more bearable. This season, colors are almost electric, and the brightest color is yellow. It is everywhere!

While yellow is a fun color, the truth is that it is not a flattering color on most people. If you have dark skin and warm undertones, the likelihood is greater that it is a color you can wear. Either way, I know that many of you will be drawn to it because it is a happy color and makes you smile. So, let’s talk about how to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe if it isn’t your best color (if it is, go wild!). Yellow Vegan Satchel

Accessories are a great way to add a splash of color without swimming in it (although maybe buying a yellow bathing suit is the answer!), and you still get the enjoyment of having it around. Here are several fun options:

A yellow handbag will look good with many outfits, especially if you wear neutral colors and use the handbag to add the pizzazz. You will find a fabulous yellow satchel at www.zappos.com by Francesco Biasia. It is made of synthetic raffia and synthetic leather ($252). Yellow Vixen Shoes

How about a great pair of yellow pumps or sandals. The pumps (vixen 04 lemon yellow) at www.coolshoesmd.com are not for the faint of heart. They have 4″ heels (yikes!) but for a special occasion they could be fun.

The cut thong sandals www.coolshoes.com (70335 yellow) are much more manageable. The heel is only 2″, and they can be worn with everything from shorts to a casual dress or capris. Both shoes are made of manmade materials and are only $21.99. Yellow Sunglasses

Summer will be here before we know it and even before the temperatures get hot, the sun will be bright. So, what better way to cheer yourself up than with a new pair of sunglasses. These are great fun! How can you go wrong with a “rockstar eyewear?” And, they are only $25.45.

Yellow Dress

If all else fails and you really feel the need to wear yellow, try this pretty yellow JS Boutique Beaded chiffon dress. The light, flower chiffon is so feminine (and the yellow is soft and pretty). The cut-away circular neckline is lovely and has a Grecian influence which is very becoming ($178).

So, bring some sunshine to your wardrobe by adding a touch of yellow here and there. You can feel good about being a little trendy and stylish and keep animals smiling at the same time!

(This fashion secret first appeared at www.salemvegan.org For those of you local to the Boston area, check out their website for great announcements, events and news.)


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