Your Style, Your Way (A Full-Day Transformational Workshop – Limited to 4 women):  Watch for dates in Fall 2020

Ginger Burr Workshop

During the morning session, we identify your four personal “inner beauty words,” that will help you take your wardrobe from ho-hum to fabulous–an invaluable styling tool. You will wonder how you ever got dressed without them!

After a delicious lunch, using the clothing you and other participants bring, Ginger will offer a full range of fashion tips and guide you to take what you’ve learned and put it into practice right away.

It is a truly transformative day!

“I rely on the "Who Taught You How To Dress?" on-line forum so much for my growth, and it has been a great experience for me! I like to track and reinforce my growth throughout the WTYHTD? Program. So, looking back I found a really good discussion that I missed (because I got my home study program after May) on "How's your spring wardrobe shaping up?" Some of the topics included suggestions for a "second skin," buying warm scarves to wear from a contact in Lexington, (by the way, are the warm scarves for sale all year round?) and Karen Jones' questions about jackets for the warmer weather and wearing stockings versus bare legs. 

I want others (especially new people coming in) to know how valuable this tool is if they use it and you are the perfect person to let them know that.”